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New Berlin, WI

United States

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  • annet

    I understand how poor Wisconsin has had a hard time politically of late. I was hoping the labor protests would sweep the nation. Why I like Wisconsin? A few things. 20 odd years ago I went to a wedding in Wauwatosa and that friend still lives there in Madison.  It was my only trip ever to the midwest and I liked it a lot. The natives were a bit freaked out by the hoard of visiting Californians but they were gracious and charming. Also, I got my masters from UW in 2009. Sadly I did it all on line cuz I was living overseas during that time. Nonetheless the flavor of the study was decidedly Wisconsonian/Mid Western/Friendly/Reserved and I liked it very much.  And of course the Packers. :)
  • annet

    You live near Wauwatosa? It's a small world. I have been joining groups whenever I want to comment or am interested in a discussion or want to check out later when I have time. The forums and blogs are more general and I seem to gravitate there but that can make for an unfocused visit. I like political and humor groups plus the science groups where I lurk.
  • Ruth Anthony-Gardner

    I hate the Xian holiday bombardment too, Angela. It makes walking in the mall irritating.