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Las Cruces, NM

United States

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  • Loren Miller

    That YouTube clip from "God On Trial" is beyond riveting.  I'd seen it once before, but thank you for posting that here!
  • Laura

    Hey there. I just got your friend request. Thanks for adding me :)

    I noticed that you are a young atheist (you're a student, right?) and I've just had a lot through some of your a totally non-creepy way, of course! I was wondering if you might be interested in a project I've recently started.

    I've just set up a collaborative blog for young atheists called Generation Atheist. The aim is to allow all young atheists who want to, to submit blog posts about their ideas on atheism and their life as a young atheist in today's society. The general idea is that lots of young people have things to say about religion, but don't want to commit to their own regular blog or may struggle to get traffic by themselves, so we will all come together to support each other.

    The first post on GA went up today, so it is a very new project. We've got a couple of people who have submitted articles so far, and have enough to last us one post every day for about two weeks. I was wondering if you would agree to write us an article? It's no pressure, you don't need to commit to more than one, and you seem to have some really good ideas, particularly on topics such as the fear of death.

    Anyway, let me know if you're interested :)
  • Laura

    Great! We would love to have you contribute. Don't worry about not having much experience - we're all just making it up as we go along! There's a link to the email address of the blog on the GA site, so when you've written something you can send it there. It may be worth just writing about your personal experience living as an atheist. I find that when you write about what you know, the words flow much easier. Thanks for your support.