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The lone withered tree,
The roots are in the depth,
In its there lies the truth,
Why the tree leafless,
Why it grows no fruits,
Why it is withered,
Why its heart is somewhere else,
There I dig the truth out,
Once the winter of despair came,
Taken its bliss away,
Since it shelters none,
Gives life to none,
Flower to none,

There no tree stands,
Without it,
The deserted field,
Is witnesses of own destruction,
But the lone withered tree,
Stands still under winter,
Winter that is falling over him,
That stops not,
Till it finishes,
The tree,
That is standing against through ages,
I chant the poetry,

Bring back the heart,
To the tree,
It needs,
The tree,
That has avowed,
To break all the shackles,
Around the tree grew,
Where they led to moribund of it,
On the judgement day,
The sun arisen,
To take away the all sorrowss away,
The tree risen,

The head,
That's had been disavowed,
The leafs come with wreak,
To overthrow its nemesis,
The sun once arisen,
To kept all sorrows away,
The tree blew wind,
The wind,
That it fled the despair of winter,
The trees gives the flower,
To the lives,
That had fled each others love,
The flowers that gives life to them,

The tree shelters,
Underneath I am found,
Decades ago I went,
The tree is my patron,
My life, my memories,
It led to my reincarnation!

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