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  • Aggiememenon

    Hi, Xanthe.  Sorry I took so long to respond, I'm not on A|N nearly as often as I used to be.  Appreciate your mentioning you and your child with Asperger's, I have mild Asperger's syndrome myself, only recently diagnosed.  Not knowing of my condition put definite strains on my last marriage, though by far the biggest chasm was that I was an atheist while my ex was seemingly on the verge of leaving her religion but then doubled-down and went deeper back into it; I of course could not follow her on that road, so I left, thankfully before any children came along.
  • Steph S.

    Xanthe, thanks for adding me as a friend.

    A cat lover!  Cool Me too.  I love your butterflies.  Just beautiful. 

  • Steph S.

    Xanthe, I am reading your website about your family.  My personality trait is Introverted.  So, I understand about wanting to be alone more than with other people.  I also like to write to express myself as well.  I also love science, and animals.  : )