James Bradford


Alexander City, AL

United States

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  • Ruth Anthony-Gardner

    Welcome, James! Glad you could join us. :D

    Please consider joining a group to meet people and talk about anything that's on your mind, Hang With Friends. It's good to see you've already found some groups of interest. After you've searched for topics of interest in "Groups" above and in the "Forums", don't forget to look at recent activity which hides along the right margin of the page all the way at the bottom.

  • Ruth Anthony-Gardner

    If you wanted to share your paper here, I'd recommend making it a PDF and connecting to it (hosted somewhere else) with a link. Possibly in the All things theism Forum. Another receptive group would be Refugees from the Bible Belt.

  • Steph S.

    Hey James! How's your new novel coming? Just seeing how you are doing.