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  • monica

    hello george. :)
  • Dr. Terence Meaden

    Welcome to the group ORIGINS. Visit often, contribute, appreciate. Terry.
  • Stephen Goldin

    Welcome to the sff group. Hope you have a lot of fun here. I love the picture you chose. I'm a native-born Philadelphian myself (formative years in Overbrook Park).
  • Leslee Love

    Thank you for joining Amnesty International Atheists... :)
  • Daniel W

    GEorge, thought you might like this. Ann Coulter is now a victim of homophobia.
  • Pansy

    hello george...... thank you for joining dead philosophers; look forward to intelligent conversations with you.
  • Brian J Geisler

    hey, thanks george for reading my blog...I've posted some of them here...check them out
  • Loren Miller

    My pleasure re: Hot Coffee.  Good to see SOMEONE is still advocating for the little guy.
  • Russell Glasser

    Hi George,


    Newly reprinted in paperback, my childhood favorite!


    Also, same author:

  • Ivani de Araujo Medina

    Obrigado George, é uma satisfação tê-lo como amigo aqui.
  • Daniel W

    George, I always really enjoy your posts and comments!  Makes me wish the US was a little less vast, so I could BS with you over a coffee!  As it is, Pacific NW and PA have a lot of land in between!  Have a great day.  Daniel.