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  • stan deutscher

    Thanks for the welcome.

    'I look forward to contributing

  • Cheryl Easton

    Thank you for your welcome.This site is my sanctuary from the world of nonsense currently going on around me. I want to retreat to a silent room to block out the sounds of jingle bells etc. 

  • ken epows

    Thanks for the welcome.  I've read your thoughts above and although I may agree with all or none, I believe one fact should be considered in any conversation about atheism or any belief in a supreme being.

    Most folks, not through any fault of their own, do not possess the capability to think beyond a certain intelligence level.  The relatively small percentage of humans that acheive higher learning are born with that ability to grow intellectually.  And yet some of the brightest minds choose to believe in a higher power.  Why?  I am persuaded there are many reasons.

    My point:  Even though I don't agree with many that choose to "believe" they don't upset me to the point that I have to deride them.  I am not that intelligent to the extent that I am an elitest, so I have compassion for folks that don't see things as clearly as I.

    My understanding and patience with "believers" (not religious activists) is explained in a few words of Paul Simon's song "Quiet".

    "If they say you are not good enough.....the answer is - your not!

    But who are they?  And what is it?  That eats at what you've got?"

    So I choose to liken civil "believers" as a children believing in Santa Claus.  If it comforts them in this world of problems - created by greed, selfishness and the pursuit of power - let them pass through this life without us looking down on them with disdain, contempt and ridicule.  Just because they may 'seem' not as intellectual or educated as us we must be patient, understanding and compassionate for folks that don't meet our standards.

    My best regards,


  • James Gibson

    Thanks Terry

    I heard about the site on a podcast so  I thought I should check it out.


  • Dr. Wolfgang von Khaos

    Dear Terrance;

    I'm half way done my MMS at the moment.  The book will be short, so might it garner some of your attention, perhaps for a chapter or two?  I estimate being finished it ahead of schedule.  I know another Oxford-educated prof who's willing to take a gander... but I'd appreciate as much involvement from as many people as possible.  RSVP!

  • anh143

    Thanks for the welcome Terry!

  • Morgan Lamberth


  • Jeferson Navarro

    Ok, thanks for the invitation. I'll take a look at the group.

  • Ken E.

    Thank you for the welcome Terence. I added part of my real name because FrustratedAtheistDad was getting a bit too long for conversation. I will check out the group you posted. Thanks.

  • Armanda Desiato

    Hi, Terry,
    Thanks for the welcome! Do you think Atheists need a written set of ethics and values to live by? I'm basically a realist how can one be anything else living on Social Security? Yet, I also lean toward idealism.
    I was raised Catholic, at 18 I saw the terrible flaws, lies and superstitions, yet some of the good values are still with me. I read "The Age of Reason", this book alone is convincing if anyone questions. I read all the time any subject that catches my interest. I'm interested in any Science, Evolution, Earth etc. I will not insult anyone's religion, I feel anyone who still needs to be told how to live and how to think hasn't evolved to the point of letting go and thinking for oneself. I feel if Atheists set examples this might help some people see the truth and embrace freethinking.
    Love to hear from you.
  • A. M.

    Thank you for the welcome, Terry, I appreciate it! :-)  And thanks for the pointer to the group. I'll definitely check it out.   

  • Dennis Kelley

    Thank you for the welcome, Dr. Meaden, i look forward to the discussions!

  • James Kz

    Dr Meaden,

    I particularly enjoy corresponding with folk who have a real education, since I've none beyond high school.

    I might have gone into physics (like my best friend from the US Navy did after he was disabled and the Veterans Administration set him up with college, and even sent him to CERN last summer on the government dime for an internship), but the VA declared me unemployable and took my college benefits.

    So now I am married to a woman (BethKz here) with two college degrees (computer science and business administration). She has one for each of us.

  • Gamma Atheist

    thank you for welcoming me, greatly appreciate all the support and what everyone does 

  • Francois

    Thanks for the welcome!
  • Francois

    Hi. If I may, could I ask you a question?: What is your answer to the Theists argument re the fine-tuned universe & how something could come from nothing?
  • Francois

    Sorry! Forgot this one: How can I update my profile info?
  • Sel Healy

    Thanks for the welcome.  I will stop by when I have time to catch up on the topics being discussed.


  • Todd Skaggs

    Thank you for the warm welcome. I enjoyed reading your story and look forward to being a member here.
  • Joe Smith

    Thank you.

  • Paul K

    Thank you for your welcome. Glad to be here!

  • Steph S.

    Happy New Year Dr. Meaden!

    Hope you have a wonderful 2013.

  • Michael Penn

    Thank you, Dr. for welcoming me to Atheist Nexus. I'm not online a lot but hope to read and also ad to the blogs, etc.

  • Chad Kreutzer

    Thank you, Dr. Meaden, for that welcome. I am happy to join your group and hopefully I will be able to make useful contributions to it.
  • Laars Zwarte

    Thank you for your welcome Dr., I hope to learn from you as well as others.

  • ankit nayak

    thanx dr.....really feeling good about all....hoping to see a world where humans are engaged in some creative works rather spreading nonsense....thanks again...

  • Ron Chernick

    Thank you for your kind welcome. I will check out Origins.
  • Caleb Fincher

    Thank you for the invitation, Dr. Terrence.

  • BDE Drah

    Thank you for the warm invitation, Dr. Meaden. I would be very glad to join your group and see yours and others viewpoints.

  • Ashley West

    Thanks for the welcome and the invitation. I joined right away even though I haven't been able to post. I look forward to learning from this group and the others I've joined. 

  • Miles Harrison

    Thanks for the Welcome, Terence. Good to be here.

  • Hope K

    Thanks for the welcome. :) Wow, rationality. What a concept! lol After my upbringing, it's a breath of fresh air.

  • Gao Yong Hao

    Thanks Terry!

  • Eddie Bailey

    Thank you Terry.  I'll check out your group this evening.  I appreciate the warm welcome and invitation and look forward to meeting some great people here.

  • Morty Rjbi

    Thanks for the welcome and the invitation.

  • Liam

    Thanks for the welcome message!
  • Stephen

    Thanks for such a warm welcome i hope to be an active member

    All the best stephen

  • Alex Mack

    Thanks for the welcome, good to be here.

  • Rory Young

    Hi Terry,

    Thanks for the welcome!

    One point I have to differ with you on. The word Religion comes from the Latin for "re-connecting". Religion need not be theistic as many Zoroastrians have believed for millenia. There is a fast-growing community, of which I am one, who believe in am atheist religion. The Synthesist Movement is strongest in Scandinavia and believes that man has a need for religion without the god part.



  • Nina Quinta

    Hello :)
    Thank you very much for the warm welcome. I am looking forward to get to know this site soon. It's very nice to have so many freethinkers around.
    Kind regards,
  • omariann

    thank you very much for sending me that lovely message.

    I wrote sentenced to death to give an idea about me because the decision of leaving religion makes me a dead person, according islam every person who leaves religion should be beheaded, and now my blood is due for muslims bcoz am no longer one of them :) 

    Thank you !

  • Fiona Hawke

    Thank you for the lovely welcome.  I look forward to getting to know the site.


  • David metzler

    Thanks for the warm welcome

  • Dana Connolly

    Man, thanks for the welcome, I've never met such a nice online community!

  • Kimberley

    Thanks so much for both the welcome and invite. I look forward to both learning and discussing from and with you all.

  • Lonna Duzan

    Thank you, just joined! Thanks to the welcome, Terry - and thanks to my friend, Darrel Ray, to turning me onto this site!

  • David M Silverman

    Thanks Terry. Very glad to have found you. Seems like a great community of like-minded people who value truth more than tooth fairies.


  • Nighty's Estranger


    Thanks very much, I look forward to utilizing the tools this site has to offer.


  • Cori Renee Williams

    Thanks for the warm welcome :D  Happy to be here

  • Robert Holt

    Thanks, I appreciate the welcome and look forward to some amazing conversations and ideas to be shared and expressed.