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  • Eli

    I like Bill, but some things he says (particularly his stance on medicine) I do not jive with. As for 5 movies not to be missed, well, that's a tough one. Movies are subjective and it would depend on the genre of film. If I just had to pick 5 (man only 5!) I'd probably say:

    Seven Samurai, A Touch of Evil, The Princess Bride, 2001 and Goodfellas. But that could change in 10 minutes.


    Thank you for renaming me! :) I actually got delayed and am packing the u-haul today and leaving in the morning! I am so excited! And so is Mr. Said
  • Atheist Exile

    John Lennon had quite a spiritual journey: from Krishna to agnostic. The faces on my header are freethinkers, not necessarily atheists. My original name here was Free Thinker.