Darrel Ray


Bonner Springs, KS

United States

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  • Edwin Neumann

    Hi Darrel. Last month we breakfasted together at the Lowell Center in Madison, WI (Freethought Festival) and you mentioned that you might be able to help me get my novel published, or at least give me a contact agent or publisher who handles nontheist material. As we had no writing implements handy, we could not exchange contact info. Please respond when you can. Thanks.

  • Greg Varlotta

    Mr. Ray,
    I'm currently reading Sex and God and am enjoying every word of it. Thank you for this book. I find myself nodding my head at most of the passages. I think this should be required reading in high school when they teach sex education. I can only imagine what the world would be like if we viewed sex without all the disgusting guilt and shame attached to it by all the religions. Again, thank you sir, and keep writing.

  • Earther

    I have not made it to the duck sex part yet, I'm a slow reader.  I think it has a lot to do with my visual (artistic mind) and possibly Attention Deficit Disorder.  I am learning from your book.  I never really understood why my profession was so difficult until some recent prejudice encounters and from learning how religous people think by reading your book.  I hope it helps me learn how to cope better.  I was wondering if you have ever helped anyone who is atheist with anger management:)  It seems that depression and anger is an atheist's or my biggest dilemma.  Never being taught how to live an atheist life and learning it all on your own is painful and sometimes but less frequently very rewarding.