Annapolis, Maryland

United States

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United States
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31-year old bookworm and music lover. Not much to say. I work for a non-profit helping to develop reading & music lessons for schools (love my job). I have a nice apartment (finally) and I am grateful for that. In my free time I like to read (Sci-Fi/Fantasy mostly) and listen to music, maybe sometimes go wine tasting. :)

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  • deepthought42

    I could be at RennFest right now, but noooooooo...I'm at school, sober. *sigh*
  • Mac Rex

    Addicted to coffee, you say? May I suggest the group "Useless Without Coffee" - Join the java crowd!
  • Reality Activist

    Greetings from Silver Spring. Organizer of Md. State and National Pocket atheists meetup groups.
  • Calla

    Hi there :)
    I can relate to all the procrastination, I'm doing that as we speak. Still have a bunch of reports and essays to hand in before New Year... and here I am, wasting time on Nexus.
    The topic for your thesis is awesome, hope you manage to complete it with some of your sanity intact :) I've yet to write mine, will have to start next fall. Ugh.

    Are you studying English or Literature or something like that? I did my BA in English language&literature, and then realized it wasn't right for me. Or rather, it was great but not very useful for me in the long-term.

    I like your taste in music, and after listening to those Epica songs in your player, I'm gonna have to find their album(s) somewhere.

    Anyway, thanks for the add, and happy holidays! :)
  • Dre Smith

    U r right you are lucky. I'm stuck here in christiansburg surrounded by xtians to the left and to the right of me. Do you know of any real atheist meetups in the area?
  • Dre Smith

    Well if and when you're ever back in the Roanoke area by all means let me know. I would love to try and get some kind of meeting started for Atheists.
  • laura

    Hi, I'm in Edgewater and love sci-fi too, along w/kayaking, hiking patapsco park and cycling. It's funny - i'm from new orleans originally, and looked at hollins too (for undergrad tho) but had decided on greenbrier college - I ended up going to a school at the other end of the spectrum, a military academy.... which is a long story & so many moons ago.. good luck in grad school this semester; how much longer do you have to go?
  • Rick

    Was updating my page. Looked over and saw your screen name and it dawned on me what it meant. Had to laugh. It's a great name.
  • Rick

    I now know the true answer..... 42
  • Kit Ann Kaboodle

    Blue screen of death!
  • Reality Activist

    Beach cookout at Rocky Point State Park/Beach on June 13 from 11am to 7pm
    All regional atheist groups have been invited. Bring your own food.
    GOOGLE "Rocky Point State Park Baltimore" for more information
  • Reality Activist

  • Reality Activist

    It's OK...we are having another one in July on Sat.
  • Kyle Viking

    Dude! I noticed that you have Leaves Eyes on your music player! I saw them live a few years ago with Blind Guardian! Also, the year after that I got to see Nightwish. Freaking Amazing!
  • Rick