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51 year old Dad - been a non-theist since my teens and always found it hard to find people of like mind and outlook.

Nice to find a whole network for us :)

Am not much of a one for social networks - absolutely HATE Assbook - all it does is enable corporate fascists and spooks to trace you (like google).

I love to read and play MMOs and watch TV and movies - fave documentaries are anything by Carl Sagan.

Am a great believer that spritituality can be found within - thru meditation etc without any of that theist crap.

Combine that with the wonders of the universe as revealed through science and the stories people have to tell and you rapidly find that there is no need for a beardie glaring at you from a cloud LOL.

Am currently registered as diasabled and cannot work and it will be a few year more at lweast before that can change so have plenty of time on my hands, which I fill by minding my small daughter, playing STO and Neverwinter etc and reading (and listening to music!) hate TV though - that is just there to brainwash you lol..

Hope to find the time to get more into this site and the people here too and hope you are all well and enjoying life :)

Marki D

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  • Ivy

    Cisco, eh? Nice. Ever meet up with anyone from Verizon?
  • John Jubinsky

    Hi Mark! Have a very happy birthday.
  • David Sensei

    Mark, that post you did back in March on Atheist Humor written by the Australian humorist David Thorne, the e-mail correspondence with his son's school counsellor over permission slips, was one of the funniest pieces I've read in a long long time. I posted some gushing kudos on Thorne's webpage, and just wanted to thank you for putting me on to it. There's some great stuff on that blog, I especially like Mr Apostate's mock-ups, but Thorne trumped them all, for me.