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  • Ruth Anthony-Gardner

    Hi Joe. I moderate a new group Hang With Friends. I really need information on how to manage a group. I can't figure out how a member could be deleted. I can't figure out how to send a message to one member. Don't you have a FAQ for group moderators? help
  • michael oliver

    love the took
  • Candy Cooper

    Hey, when are y'all going to get off the stick and get a new podcast out? It's been since 3/8/11, and I'm going through some serious withdrawals here.

    Love you guys, keep up the good work, please... 

    MoJoe- in response to the furor created by your comments about personal responsibility and being aware of your surroundings. There was a book that came out around about 1997 about listening to your fear. The book wasn't really worth reading, the first and last chapters about said it all. But basically it was saying, "Don't be the Wildebeest on the edge of the herd." If a situation makes your feel uncomfortable or fearful, there's a reason for it and you should take appropriate action. It certainly wasn't saying that people who get raped or mugged are responsible for their attacks because of the way they were dressed or acting. But that you could keep yourself safer by not going jogging alone in the dark by the waterfront in an area known for high crime, or using that ATM in a high crime area alone. That sort of thing. When my daughter of 20 went off to UCSD as a Junior, her first time living away from home basically, I told her to be aware of her surroundings. To listen to her feelings, and if something didn't feel right don't do it. Like jogging in the woods, UCSD has a beautiful Eucalyptus forest on campus, but it's also a great place for predators to hang out. So I told her not to the Wildebeest on the edge of the herd and reminded her of all those animal shows where the animals that get taken are always the old the young and the sick, on the edge on of the herd.


    Once again, I love you guys, oh and Joe I friended you but not Brother Richard on facebook so I'll be expecting my money soonest...