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Grand Rapids, MI

United States

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I am a happily married atheist, who tries to live by my own moral grounds and not those of a nonexistent god.

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  • Dr. Terence Meaden

    Hi, and welcome to this friendly meeting place
    where we recognise that religion is a superstition and fraud with imaginary gods used to control people, and that it is tragic and inexcusable that women have been oppressed these last 2000 years.

    Terry Meaden
    founder of the busy group "ORIGINS: Universe, Life, Earth, Humans, Religion, Evolution, Darwin..." with its 260 discussion topics.
  • John Jubinsky

    Hi Jerica. I saw your comments about the shroud and decided to look at your profile. You say that you are open minded, very curious about religious questions and fascinated by Catholic saints. There is a very strong logical disproof of the Biblical god concept in my profile. It also demonstates that subcrpition to the Biblical god concept is immoral. I hope that you are as curious about it as you are about Catholic saints. Very respectfully, please have a look and allow your theist friends to see it as well.
  • John Jubinsky

    The most important part of it is that a loving being would not want to be worshipped. 'The following might help you to understand this: Loving beings are characterized by selflessness, not egotism. They do not wish to be worshipped, narcissistic ones do. They wish to inspire others to be as good or even better than they are. They do not wish to make others their servants. There may be no double standards in the definition of love.' What I am trying to say is that there is something wrong with a being that is supposed to be loving and wants to be worshipped too.