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  • Ruth Anthony-Gardner

    Your Wind Turbines or Nuclear Power video is excellent. But I can't reply to that post because I get no reply button no matter how many times I reload.

    It does a good job of making the footprint comparison. I guess I'd been imagining something a couple of orders of magnitude smaller.

  • Ruth Anthony-Gardner

    I apologize for seeming to only skim what you say, and making mistakes today. I've had bronchitis for almost 2 weeks and the second antibiotic regime seems to reduce my IQ. It was not my intention to slight you. However, I have never intentionally disrespected or belittled you, as you have to me. It's one thing to disagree about information, values, perspectives or judgment. It' another to insult the person to whom you speak. I might respect your knowledge base, but that behavior deserves no respect. Which isn't the same as saying you as a person don't deserve respect.

  • kelly

    Thank you for liking and signing my petition!