Bruce Press


Ellicott City, MD

United States

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  • Atheist Princess

    Welcome to Atheist Nexus ( :
  • Dr. Terence Meaden

    Hi, and a friendly welcome to Bruce Press.
    Very glad to have you here among the sensible, rational people of this world.

    Welcome to this great Nexus meeting place and its thousands of bright people like you who recognise religion for the superstition and brainwashing fraud that it is---
    and that gods exist only as fictions inside people's heads.

    Terry Meaden
    originator of the busy discussion group
    "ORIGINS: Universe, Life, Earth, Humankind, Fossils, Religion, Evolution, Darwin..." with its over 240 discussion topics.

    We invite you to come and see, and to make good new friends.
  • Lee Picton

    Hi, Bruce, I thought I'd drop a line. I am also here in Ellicott City and am a life member of the FFRF, and if I can afford it in the future, will become an "afterlife" member. There are several of us in Ellicott City who get together at Matthew's in Catonsville about once a month. We call ourselves Friends of Pharyngula. I won't drive into the city at night (either Baltimore or DC), and when going out with my husband have to make sure it's handicapped accessible. I found you because I just got my FFRF issue and your picture is better in it. If you want to find me, I am on Facebook as Lee Hafer Picton.