Jessica Berman


Chicago, IL

United States

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  • John Secular Smith

    Welcome to the Nexus. Come check us out over on Atheist News, the largest and one of the most active groups on the Nexus.

    Thanks for the friend add, by the way.
  • Tony Carroll

    Hello Jessica. Tony here. Just wanted to thank you again. I am an amatuer, not trained in science, except the normal high school/college courses that I took. But I love science, particularily particle physics/quantum mechanics. Most people get this unfocused look on their faces  whenever I share something from a book, magazine, web sitr, tv show with them. My response when questioned by them, particularily why, is "It makes my brain melt, but in a good way". Really get strange looks then. Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you again. Feel free to contact me at any time. Peace.

  • bobh

    well i am overjoyed that you beat cancer. I truly am!! My father succumbed to prostate cancer last year at age 87. He was my inspiration.he was always complaining about those "damn churches" that try to use the Olde Testament in an effort to deny scientific facts. A retired engineer,he strongly supported science education and was angry that backwards thinking churches were purveyors of irrationality. I guess i got my skepticism from him.