Jessica Berman


Chicago, IL

United States

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  • Daniel W

    Jessica, thanks for the friend add.   for what it's worth, Im also an MD and did my residency at UIC medical center in chicago.

  • Daniel W

    Jessica, thank you.  And it IS a small world sometimes!  My brother just had an ablation last week at UIC for his A fib.  When I was there, I used to bike to UIC from my place near Peterson on Oakley.  Every weekend I went to a different Indian restaurant on nearby Devon.  That was in the late 90s.  Seems like a long time ago now.

  • bobh

    well i am overjoyed that you beat cancer. I truly am!! My father succumbed to prostate cancer last year at age 87. He was my inspiration.he was always complaining about those "damn churches" that try to use the Olde Testament in an effort to deny scientific facts. A retired engineer,he strongly supported science education and was angry that backwards thinking churches were purveyors of irrationality. I guess i got my skepticism from him.