Waldport, OR

United States

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  • Tom Carpenter

    Hi Fern,

    Welcome to Oregon Atheists. Waldport huh? Probably not too many atheists in that little town. :) I live in Eugene but I just visited some friends in Waldport 2 weeks ago. Small world - I went to St. Cloud State too (but many years before you) - are you originally from Minnesota?
  • Earther

    Did you go through a liberation period of life from family or friend who where religiously influencing you and....Did you move to Oregon for a community of atheist or for something else?
  • Earther

    Thanks for your lengthy comment, really, it was interesting. Makes me feel like I should check out Oregon:) I feel kind of sad that people want to go to church becuase it is the right thing to do, but there are a lot of things we do that is because we feel pressured to do so.