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  • Ruth Anthony-Gardner

    Welcome, Stasia! Glad you could join us. :D

    Please consider joining a group to meet people and talk about anything that's on your mind, Hang With Friends. You might also like Women Atheists, Female Atheists, and possibly Feminist Atheists.

    I also recommend Eco-Logical and Climate Concerns, since Michigan's climate is changing.

    After you've searched for topics of interest in "Groups" above and in the "Forums", don't forget to look at recent activity which hides along the right margin of the page all the way at the bottom.

  • Joseph P

    Hmm, what's NA?  I'm not familiar with the Acronym.  Is that just another of the many 12-Step clones?  Narcotics Anonymous or something along those lines?

    It's a problem.  I think the non-12-Step, secular programs are mostly just in large urban areas, while the 12-Steps are everywhere.

    Yeah, the Higher Power thing is pretty wacky.  I've heard some people say that it doesn't have to be God or something like that.  Your higher power could be a tree.

    Umm ... dude ... that's freaking stupid.  I'd have to take drugs before I could embrace a tree as a higher power.

    Not sure what to suggest, except perhaps basic Google searches for the various secular support groups.  I haven't looked for anything like that.

    Fortunately, I recognized my insanely addictive personality, in my late teens, and I stayed the hell away from alcohol and other mind-altering substances, except for caffeine.  I abuse that badly enough to indicate what I would be like with any of the others.

  • Brent Feeney

    Welcome aboard! =)  Hope you are well. We do have a group here at the Nexus called Sober Without Gods, if that helps.