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  • Jessica

    Hey, sorry, my mom had a ruptured aneurysm and almost died..she's been in Neuro ICU for 34 days...I've been a little out of touch since then. My apologies, buddy. (I'm sure you understand) How goes it?
  • Jessica

    Awesome!!!! That sounds like an uber cool experience. Well, my mom came home Thursday from the hospital. 46 days total. I'm pretty thankful that she's alive. I have encountered more petty attempts at converting my soul in the last 46 days than in my entire life. I love how the fundies act like God doesn't exist until a major life event, such as birth or death. Other than that, they generally keep their thoughts to themselves. But as soon as our guard is down, they start in on the Roman Road business. Aaarrgh.

    I hope you're enjoying Prague. I ALMOST took a job teaching English there last year. I was all set and my sister found out she was pregnant...I'm a sucker for such emotional things... ;)
  • Jessica

    Your trip sounds like it's at least vaguely cool. I'm partially jealous. I think getting thrown in jail, doomed forever to peel Russian potatoes for cheap vodka, all for whistling inside their religious shell would be an excellent way to go. I vote keep being irreverent and see what happens! Then, write me online so I can live vicariously through you ;)

    Things with my mom are wonderful. She's doing so well it's amazing. All her doctors and any that she's had to see subsequently have expressed their complete shock/disbelief that she's doing as well as she is. They can't believe she didn't die. I come from good stock, that's all I can think :D

    Have fun on your trip. I'm more jealous of your good time than I let on (ssssshhhhh!)