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  • Paula W

    Hi dr kellie. Thanks for the friend request. Did you grow up in Texas, or are you a transplant like me?

  • Shannon Equality Barber

    Hi! Thank you for being a friend!

  • Joan Denoo

    Hi dr kellie, really nice to read your comment. There are so many social changes taking place right now, and things seem chaotic. Are you familiar with Chaos Theory? According to James GleickChaos: The Making of a New Science, during a period of cultural change, i.e. race relations, feminism, LGBT, class warfare, anger and frustration boil over and people think everything is going to pieces. A lot of cognitive dissonance occurs, and changing attitudes create the "heat" necessary to bring about desired change. I don't know if he is accurate in his assessment, I just know everything is piling up and topped off by wars and climate change and there is a highly likely chance a despotic ruler will be chosen by the population. 

    I believe if we stay calm, and confident in our value system, and live our lives according to our principles, it is possible to influence people to make necessary changes. We cannot continue to fear and hate homosexuals, any more than we need fear race, women, or diversity. 

    I perceive this period of chaos as leading to a higher plane of human existence ... at least I firmly hope so. You and I are horrified by many responses because they are worthy of being horrified about. Stupidity, ignorance, prejudice, traditions, all keep people locked in and they fight to maintain and perpetuate the status quo. You and I can not remain silent in the face of such behaviors, and we will pay a price. The good news is, we are up to the challenge.