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  • Cheryl

    I just wanted to tell you that 2 of my 3 dogs are rescues. It is a great way to find a pet. There are too may good animals that are waiting to be adopted. There was a dog where I live that way found in a dumpster that survived. Though it lost most of both the ears to frostbite. It was also malnurished. This story made national news. When it gets healthy it will be up for adoption. There is already about 40 people that want to adopt the dog. I get so sick when I hear these stories. I think the lady who did this should be thrown in a dumpster in the cold! Here is a link about the dog if your interested.
  • Leslee Love

    Hi Stephanie!! Thanks for joining Writer's Block! It's in its infancy, so bear with us!! Please feel free to add anything you'd like! It is just what its name suggests! A virtual place for writers to unite...a block of our own. I look forward to your discussions, comments, and anything else you'd like to add! And you're not too far from me! Yay, for us southern bible-belters breaking free!
  • Leslee Love

    Oh, and welcome to the nexus!! A great place for like minds...