Kit Blumenstein


Lewisville, TX

United States

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  • Ruth Anthony-Gardner

    Greetings, Kit! It looks as if you haven't been active at Atheist Nexus since January. Please consider joining a group where we talk about anything on our minds,  Hang With Friends . You might be happier in our company.

    We're sensitive to many people having a negative early experience here, and dropping out. We would be happy to hear about your experience inthis discussion.

  • Ruth Anthony-Gardner

    Thanks for joining us, Kit. I noticed you added a ceiling cat image. I too am a cheezburger fan. There's a LOLcat group but there's almost no activity. Atheist Ailurophilesis more active. (oops! got the "is" in the link)
  • Ruth Anthony-Gardner

    You accidentally posted your food and drink reply in "Hints for Newbies" instead of "Introduction." If you care to change that, repost in Introduction, and then send me a comment, asking me to delete the one in Hints for Newbies. You can delete this comment from your wall, too, if you want.