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  • Joseph P

    Yeah, so many Catholics in Illinois.  We didn't have many Baptists in the Chicago area that I was ever aware of, though.  Although, we have so many Baptists of various sorts around here.

    I was raised Catholic, too, although I never really believed.  I was even an altar boy for several years, simply to have something to do during the monotony of mass.  At least I never had any of the problems with the priests, that we're hearing so much about now, because I was an ugly child.

    That's cool that you're starting to look around and explore your atheistic views, then.  Have you done much reading on the subject?  I could recommend a few books, although I don't know how much time you have for that sort of thing, with school, and how easily you could get to the library to check them out ... or even if the libraries near you would have them.  I buy all of my books on Amazon, so availability is easier.

    For that matter, how safe would it be for you to read books about skepticism and atheism around your parents?  Since you're still living with them, I assume, that's a consideration.  How religious are they?

  • Brent Feeney

    Welcome aboard! =)  Hope you're doing well today...

  • Joseph P

    Heh, oh jeeze.  Stuck going to church until you're 18, huh?  My family went to mass ... every ... single ... week.  It was so freaking mind-numbing.  I came out of the closet when I was 14 or so, but I was still stuck going to mass regularly, for a couple years after that.

    I take it your father is a bit more religious then, if he stuck that into the divorce papers?

    Another source you might like is the media put out by the Atheist Community of Austin.  They do a public access show called The Atheist Experience (, which is a call-in show for public education and public awareness.  Of course it often turns into a flaming argument with some callers.  The archive on the site goes back to 2004.

    They also do two podcasts, Non Prophets Radio ( and Godless Bitches (  Godless Bitches hasn't been around for very long, but Non Prophets Radio goes back about a decade.

    The podcasts are a bit more explicit than the public access show, so you could potentially run afoul of your mother in that area, even if she's okay with your lack of belief.