Renee Obsidianwords

46, Female

Chicago, Illinois

United States

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  • Tony

    Renee, thanks for the add. I followed your MySpace link and see that you're in Naperville, practically in my backyard. (Wait, or is Batavia more appropriately considered to be Naperville's backyard? ;) ) I'm going to have to follow Rational Response Squad's local efforts to see how I can pitch in sometime. Thanks, again.
  • Heather McIntosh

    Howdy, Renee!
  • Brian

    Do I know you from Skype? Your photo looks familiar
  • Brian

    It was imrational... I used to be on stickam in the RRS room.
  • Mark Young

    Just joined, thought I would say hi to fellow Illinois-ians.
  • Roy Roberts

    Hey Renee! It's Dragonfire from the RRS stickam room.
  • Shelley

    just got back from a road trip... any other rrs mods on here?
  • Phil Doubet

  • Lucy

    Hi there Renee, thank you for adding me! :) How is life in Chicago? What is it like being a Heathen in your parts? hee hee.

    I see that you have 'Cosmos' on your page - i had a link to the full series but i cannot find it now, i watched the first two or three and loved it - i'll have to see if i can find it again!! :)
  • Left of Larry

    thank you!!! I"m new to atheist nexus and I like the format here!!!
  • Left of Larry

    hey Renee have fun at the FFRF conference, my friend Shelley will be there. :)
  • Lady_MCSE

    Hey Renee, thanks for setting up this group. I should've checked it out sooner - was at the FFRF convention this weekend but didn't think to make contacts in advance. I had some folks to hang out with from having met them at through
  • Left of Larry

    if you like savatage you'll love this story. I spent the whole weekend pretty much hangin out with Zak and Jone Olivia. :)
  • Left of Larry

    That's Zak Stevens of course and he was hitting on my wife, he gave her one of his necklaces. hahahahaha.. he tried to get her up to his room we stayed in the same hotel saturday night. :)
  • Left of Larry

    Oh and I've seen Sonata Arctica three times already. You should check out my slideshows of all these shows on facebook and myspace. :)
  • Lady_MCSE

    Hey there - I belong to both Wheaton and Fox Valley meetups, but haven't been able to make it to either one of htose in a long time. So I'm in the North Suburban Atheist and North Suburban Brights groups, as well as a Secular Singles Group that I started.
  • Beth

    Hey stranger,

    How are you?
  • Beth


    Everything's going really well.

    But way too quiet.

    Hi, Renee. I knew I recognized your name and then made the connection to the Chicago RSS profile on MySpace. Cheers!
  • Beth

    Hey, How are you?

    I'm still around.

    Taking as many photos as I can. :)
  • Little Name Atheist

    Happy Birthday, Renee!
  • Chrys Stevenson

    Hi Renee! I'm Kris - I host the Aussie/Kiwi group here on Nexus. I'm also the media and communications consultant for the forthcoming "Rise of Atheism" Global Atheist Convention to be held in Melbourne in March 2010. The Convention is being organized jointly by Atheist Alliance International and the Atheist Foundation of Australia.

    I wonder if you could let your members know that tickets for the convention are now available online at the Convention website. We are expecting nearly 3,000 delegates, so this convention is going to be huge.

    Confirmed speakers include: Richard Dawkins, AC Grayling, PZ Myers, Dan Barker, Peter Singer, Taslima Nasrin and many more.

    Anything you can do to help us get the word out would be greatly appreciated.