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  • Joseph P

    Ah, greetings.  Are you on the sane, culturally advanced side of Canada, or are you on the side of Canada that some of our members have described as the Texas of Canada?  How are things looking for you, from a religious perspective?
  • Joseph P

    It's not too bad down here.  There are many liberal pockets in the Bible Belt.  Things are pretty sane, if you stay inside of a major city.  If you head more than 5 or 10 miles outside of one, though, it's fundamentalist, redneck heaven.
  • Joseph P

    I generally only leave the major urban area that I'm in if I'm driving to one of the other urban areas in the state or am driving out of state.  There's nothing out in the rural areas that I'd want to see.  It's mostly just the rednecks who drive into town to visit Walmart or something with whom I have to deal.