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  • CJ

    I am talking about the note do Atheist beleive in an Afterlife, I understand their is a book by bruce greyson that documents 30 years of NDE research it is very weak but it should help
  • Glenn Sogge

    I saw the new group; I've been reading it. I just don't have anything to add that already hasn't been attacked/shot down/ignored or posted by others so I've stayed out of it. I'm learning that I don't argue well against dogmatism so I'm picking my battles better -- where I might have a chance of making a difference to somebody. Not necessarily my discussion partner(s) but anybody who might be watching. If what I do doesn't make it better for somebody, it's a waste of others' time.

    I don't feel blocked out; I'm a big boy and left of my own accord. Doesn't mean I lost my interest; just the desire to participate.
  • Glenn Sogge

    In between other things, I've been doing reading elsewhere (mostly philosophy blogs) about the whole free will/determinism thing to help get my thoughts into a more coherent and structured form so I am not thinking it through as I am writing it. Have no fear -- the interest in the topic has not gone away!! ;-)