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  • William Hutton

    Johnny, I really appreciate your input on my post. the fact is, Your inquiries were a major inspiration to writing this up. I can't thank you enough for your comments.
  • Edward Teach


    I'm not sure if this is exactly what yer looking for, but cites specific research showing how accurate future violent behavior can be predicted based on an indivual's social development.

    There is strong evidence from that feral children site too. Here's a cut and paste from that discussion:

    It's hard to filter through the information, as much of it has to do with language development, physical development, etc.. I'd like to spend more time reading on this.

    Here are some quotes from the nature/nurture debate resulting from research on feral children:

    Nature versus nurture

    Feral children ought to be an excellent source of evidence in the continuing nature-nurture debate. Feral children cannot walk, talk, or socialise: they cannot show empathy with others. Indeed, these poor creatures are so apparently sub-human that Linnaeus classified them as distinct from home sapiens.

    Social behaviour

    Quite simply, feral children are usually entirely unaware of the needs and desires and others. The concepts of morals, property and possessions are alien to them, and they can't show empathy with other people. If brought up by animals, they don't even identify themselves as human, but probably regard humans as "the enemy".

    Here is another cut and paste from a discussion with free thinker:

    "I worked with inner city youth for a while. These guys were all diagnosed with conduct disorder. I thought it was an unfair diagnosis, as conduct is the product of training. These kids were growing up in an environment inwhich success depended on the development of sociopathic behaviors. They learned to thrive in their environment. In other words, put some "good" kid in that environment and the "good" kid would be horribly unsuccessful."
  • Scott

    Ha! Having just been to Rustys' page I saw your comment. I am sure I could give you some feedback! LOL!
  • skye AKA rembrandt

    i dont graduate till may
  • Courtney King

    Yep! I just got started yesterday. I got this site from Y!A. I liked the post that lol
  • CJ

    Hey I read your note on the afterlife and I am in the same position I want to beleif in life after death I want to beleif that my loved ones exist somewhere and I want to do it regardless of what the evidence tells me