Joseph P

40, Male

Raleigh, NC

United States

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  • Sarah

    Hey Joseph, thanks for the comment a while ago. To get back to you, no there's not any atheist/agnostic sort of clubs at my high school. I was raised Catholic too, and there are many Catholics in the area, but my generation seems to have a lot more atheists/agnostics (maybe its just because were teenagers) but nevertheless, it is helpful to talk to some of my peers about it.

  • Callie

    Hi Joseph. Thanks for the comment. I have always been an atheist. I have been researching life extension this year. The other day I saw some shows (Vlogbrothers and Adam Ruins Death) that said we will probably not extend life and never live forever. I don't want to die and I don't know how to cope with that.
  • Andre Forbes

    Thank you.