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  • Jeanna Blizard

    Hello Joseph and thank you for the welcome. You're right about Greenville,Sc not being a great place for atheist support. I actually graduated from a christian university here, North Greenville University, which is where I lost my faith halfway through being there. I still have a few friends from there but most of them are still Christian. It's hard to really open up when you're surrounded by them but I managed to tell a friend that I didn't believe any of it anymore, to which she replied, I'll pray for you. haha...I said you can do what you want. Prayer won't affect me. 

    So, a bit about me, I grew up in a christian home. My dad was the pastor of a Baptist church. So I was brainwashed from birth to believe in the nonsense and not question anything. It wasn't until university that I began to think for myself and realise it is INDEED all nonsense, and started to look for things that did make sense in reality. I went through a depressed period and I still have bouts of depression, but I had a new peace of mind when I started to think for myself. 

    Now my parents are missionaries in Vietnam, so they're far away and don't bother me, but my dad kind of knows now that--well to him I'm "rejecting God". but for me, I've given up that crutch. 

  • Sanly

    Hey joseph, thank u for the welcome :) i hope we can share a lot of thoughts about atheist in the future. Yes u r right, Indonesia is known as religion country and i can say it's illegal to be an atheist. It's a must to put your religion in your ID card, and whenever you know new people, being friends, they'll ask u about your religion, most of them is not open minded when i told them i'm an atheist, so sometimes i dont bother tell them, i tell them i am a christian.
    I haven't met any atheist in my country but i believe there's plenty here. :)
  • Gwen Bailey

    Hi Joseph, thanks for letting me know about putting my street address in my profile by mistake. I've removed it now. X