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39, Male

Raleigh, NC

United States

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  • Victoria Lynn Gillen

    Yeah, I grew up Catholic, but have just begun to realize the finer points of my actual fundamental beliefs, mainly which don't lay any faith upon God or have any specific association with the Divine. I'm still trying to sort through some things (I.e. My decision to still capitalize out of respect),which is part of the reason I've decided to join this community. The area where I live is also, well, a little more developed, wealthier etc. so because of that it's more tolerant and not quite as dangerous to admit to having different opinions on controversial topics.

    That being said though, it's still a very southern, Christian-dominated town (and although there is some diversity, most of the people I know practice some form of theism.) So, I'm in a safe environment (thankfully!) but not a very supportive one either:( I'm fresh out of high school and have quite a lot to experience ahead of me but I'm exited. looking forward to discussing my new found beliefs with resources I've never had:)

    Sorry for sounding cliche, you can obviously tell I'm new, but thanks for commenting!
  • Michael Davis

    Hey Joseph.  I was non denominational.  I'm very happy to be free these days.  Its been about 2 and a half years since I left the faith.  This place looks interesting.  Think I'll explore a bit now that I'm here.  


  • Stevie159

    I feel as though I became more self aware around three months ago, I began to notice the science in everything and started to question things that I had been told. From an early age, around six or seven I started questioning theism. I made the choice to have myself removed from scripture, presenting to my Father exactly why I didn't believe in different aspects of the Bible, and that I recognized the scare tactics they used on children, I was a very forward thinker and always appreciated honesty, I saw no honesty in their teachings. From then on I always believed in something, what would change but it's as though my brain held onto that little bit of faith to make things easier. Ghosts, souls, angels and an after life. Were all things I grew up knowing** were real. They were constantly talked about by Celtic Father, his Wiccan friends, my Mother was/is a very confused Catholic, mixing aspects of Paganism into her beliefs.
    So, I understood there was definitely an afterlife, even though I didn't resonate with any religions and was a constant skeptic, I still for some reason never occurred to me to really question it.
    It just hit me one day, I woke up and I knew there was nothing after I die. It's hard to explain, but I just unraveled everything I'd been told and realized it was completely ridiculous and I was amazed at out wonderful brains are for creating something so elaborate, and making us believe so firmly in something that quite frankly, is absurd, all to use as a coping mechanism as we crave the need for meaning and purpose. I'm fascinated by that.

    Nothing else has changed. I've always believed in the power of human kindness and this has encouraged me even more to strive to be someone who makes others feel warm. Because we get one life, why waste it drowning in negativity? That's what truly scares me. Dying without making a positive impact on the lives of people who surround me. To die with regrets of a life lived slaving away for the man, working 9 to 5, five days out of the seven I get a week? and for what? To buy stuff? No. That doesnt work for me. I want to see the world, love with all of my heart, sing, dance and be my best self.