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41, Male

Raleigh, NC

United States

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  • Mandy Crow

    Thanks for the welcome.  I'm still figuring out how this forum works.  Yeah a bit isolated out here.  My husband and I aren't local to this area as we are both west coasters.  We like it here but aren't convinced that it is the safest environment for our lil non believers.  They are a bit more frank and outspoken than us adults about the absurdity of religion.  I teach them to respect other's beliefs and promote tolerance buy my oldest isn't good at coddling others and their unicorns.  She gets bullied in school for her non beliefs and I worry that this could get worse as she gets older. 

  • Eric Mayer

    Thank you sir....victim of auto fill I'm guessing

  • Gwen

    To tell you the truth, I didnt see any trolling or maybe I didn't notice it so its all good as long as people aren't hurting each other.