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  • Stacey R.

    LMAO about the A.I., thanks for the laugh. Altho i am in favor of treating A.I. ethically too, i admit ive had some thoughts of committing violence against my computer from time to time ;-)
    Thanks for the nice welcome. I joined some groups that seem more active, others im interested in don't seem to have any recent activity. But glad to join this community all the same.
  • Stacey R.

    Lol good call with the computer uninstall. Not only ethical, that should keep me off the blacklist of our future A.I. Overlords.
    Thanks for the advice. I originally came to this site hoping to connect with atheists in my region and maybe meet them face to face, but that group (Caribbean) hasn't been active for years. Another group is the Vegetarian/Vegan, officially dead. If you aren't vegetarian, you may be surprised to learn there's a lot of political, economic, and religious arguments pertaining to it. Some groups im interested in,like the Nerds,are more active, but i don't know if ill join. Either way, thanks for letting me know the groups can be more broadly focused than they seem
  • Stacey R.

    I think you're right about the groups migrating to other social sites. The Caribbean group seems to have more or less moved to Facebook, which is how a lot of groups around here organize for meet-ups. I see what you mean about population density too...I live on an island of about 35,000, and the next closest island has about 15,000. I looked at the members of that Caribbean Facebook group, and don't think many of them live anywhere near here. I don't do Facebook and don't think that group is worth it to join. So I'll have to find community here :-)

    And yes, I meant Geek & Nerd Haven. I'm definitely more in the Nerd category than Geek. I was happy to see that group, and the Atheist Humor group with the FSM icon front & center.

    I agree, some vegans are really obnoxious. But in my own personal experience, I think I've encountered more obnoxious carnivores who are very uncomfortable with my eating choices, as though that affected them somehow. Vegetarians make carnivores uncomfortable the same way nonbelievers make believers uncomfortable.

    And yup, sometimes you've gotta pull out the insecticide. I do my best to deter entry or gently remove, but I live in an ant- and roach-intensive area and it's not practical to get rid of them any other way. I work as a personal chef out of my home and can't have them running around. And the mosquitoes around here are awful! I don't feel bad about killing them at all since they carry some serious diseases here. There is no mercy or stay of execution for a mosquito in my house.

    Thanks for your guidance and info. You've been a great help!