Stephen Goldin

71, Male

San Ramon, CA

United States

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I've been a professional science fiction and fantasy writer since 1965, with over 40 published books. Visit for more information.

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  • Cane Kostovski

    So...I did all that work for nothing. You still haven't used it. Why?

  • Russell Pangborn

    Strange story.  I did a Google search on my name to see if the general public see's my connection to Atheist Nexus and what level of detail is shown to a non member.

    A link came up on the second page to a letter I had written on animalsincanada... I recognized it as a letter sent to the Toronto Star a couple of years ago that wasn't published.  A further Google search showed it actually was.

    On re reading the letter I got all enraged again.  Since I've been posting stuff lately on atheist nexus I remembered your dog and cat discussion.  I love both my dog and cat - but have a little problem with all of our hypocrisy with treatment of other animals.  So I was going to post something to stir up a bunch of dog and cat lovers.  I've calmed down now.

    These were the two links.  The Star one takes longer to load.

    Here is the Star letter:



    Here is the animals in Canada entry:


  • Tom B

    Hi Stephen, if there is an occasion, it would be great to meet you in person. I am reading the "Into the Out" sample now. I started out doing some research on Artificial Intelligence thinking I would write a short story, it became , just a fun hobby.