Robert Brown


Mitchell, SD

United States

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  • rockytij

    I'm with you, Robert.  Though it is difficult for me to be associated with those who have hijacked the conservative mindset and values.  The likes of Coulter and Limbaugh and the religious nutters like Falwell and Robertson are an embarrassment and a perversion.

  • Sheri M Larsen


       I recently joined this group, and I am introducing myself like I am at a social gathering. 

        I see that you are from the mid-west like I am.  How long have you lived in Mitchell?  

    Where did you learn the home remodeling business?

    Good-bye for now, Sheri

  • Sheri M Larsen

    Hi Robert,

    RE; Job change. For starters, I am going to start leading a workshop based on the book (take a breath if reading aloud), How to Talk So Kids Will Listen and Listen So Kids Will Talk, by Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish (maze-lish).  I led it once over a decade ago, when my daughter was around age 5.  Leading that workshop would fill two hours a week for 6-7 weeks.  I am not sure how else I will fill my wish for part-time work.  I want to be able to follow my daughter to some of her sports and acting activities, (she is seventeen, a junior), also help her visit colleges, and find scholarships.  I like the teaching aspect of teaching, and the kids.  I would hope for a class size of 15-18, and less meetings.  I would have to go back to school for two years to earn that degree.  I could probably easily find full time office work, but I want part-time until my daughter graduates.


    What remodeling project are you working on now?