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  • Dr. Terence Meaden

    Hi and welcome to Atheist Nexus whose members like yourself recognise that religion is a fraud and gods are nothing but superstitions of the credulous.

    Terry Meaden (60+) founder of the busy group
    "ORIGINS: Universe, Life, Earth, Humankind, Fossils, Religion, Evolution, Darwin..." with its over 200 discussion topics.
    We examine the world’s great questions including how life and humans, religion and faith, and everything else began.

    We invite you to come and enjoy the entertaining discussions.
  • Glenn Sogge

    Hope you have / had a good run!
  • HotMess

    Welcome to "Are You Experienced?" We look forward to getting to know you!
  • a angel

    "Tell me why I don't like Mondays?"

    I give up. Why?
  • Loren Miller

    Hey, Rusty!

    Haven't ridden, myself, in a while, sad to say. Bein' outta work can make buying a ride a touch more difficult! One day, I HOPE to own a boxer BMW.
  • Loren Miller

    Trust me, I intend to "hang tough" on the bike issue. It may be a while, but no good thing isn't worth waiting for.
  • david brooklyn

    Thanks for the add.
  • Scott

    Hey Rusty, It's good to see new members so active on the site! I have been a little slack lately. You know, I grew up in Philly and my dad used to ride with the Pagans back in the day. I spend quite a bit of time tattooing bikers down here in Daytona! This is Outlaw country around here! LOL!
  • Scott

    Yeah, my childhood was eventful to say the least! Have you ever been to the festivals in Daytona? Bike Week is great, however, it is not like it used to be. I have been spending a lot of time in Tallahasee because there just isn't much going on down here since the economy tanked. College students always hve money to spend on tattoos! LOL!
  • Johnny

    Hey, Rusty.

    I'm having a mini-debate w/ Duane and although I read it in a criminal justice textbook, I do not have any specific study about how serial killers, criminals, and various deviants are shaped by society.

    I KNOW they're out there. Just wondering if you had anything specific off the top of your head.

  • Scott

    Biketoberfest just ended! You will have to wait for Bikeweek for another rally in Daytona. The city wants to do away with it because of the traffic problems and the loud partying. Go figure! We really have no other source of revenue except The races. I fear that in the near future Bikeweek may go the way of Springbreak.

    I am considering a move to the west coast. Florida is great,but a city boy like me had better stay within 20 miles of the coast! Yankees do dominate the beaches! LOL! California can't be any worse, politically, and has to be better for business!

    What type tattooing do you prefer? I like black and gray with minimal color. Maybe reminiscent of prison style? LOL!
  • Scott

    Good choice! I have been through Arizona, and although they have no beaches (duh!) I am considering moving there. It is the diversity of climate that I find appealing. I like the idea of driving an hour or two from the desert and going skiing! It's GREAT! I suppose I could sell my surfboard:-(
  • Atheist Exile

    Hey Teach!

    Thanks for joining the Atheist Lyricists group. I look forward to your lyrics and/or comments (I'll be posting new lyrics in a few minutes).
  • Michael J. Maloney


    If you're ever in the Charlotte area, let's hook up for beer or three. My sled is in the shed (http://www.iplawdrawings.com/images/sled1.jpg) at the moment. A cage and I were trying to occupy the same space at the same time, and I ended up with a 750 lb ankle bracelet. The crash fractured my ankle in two places requiring surgery. So now, during all this beautiful riding weather, I’m hobbling around my crib 24/7 on crutches while sporting a clumsy leg cast. At least I have plenty of work to do (self-employed technical illustrator), there’s beer in the fridge an liquor on the shelf.

  • Jason Spicer

    Edward, I had another thought on the helmet vs no-helmet stats you posted. I'm intrigued by the apparently lower fatality rate in no-helmet states. I think to really get at an understanding of it, we'd need a study that compared injuries/fatalities per mile ridden with a helmet vs without, broken down by various categories like age of the rider, riding experience of the rider (I think it's a safe bet that newbies have more crashes), weather conditions, etc. But I think it's a legitimate question whether helmets help or hinder safe riding.

    BTW, I can't believe you ride a two-wheel vehicle in icy conditions. I had a little 200cc Honda in college and I took it out one morning and didn't see the black ice. If you hit ice with four wheels, you go sideways. If you hit ice on two wheels, you go down. How do you avoid that? Seems like physics to me, but maybe you have the balance of an acrobat.
  • Jason Spicer

    Oh, and I think newbies are more likely to wear helmets.
  • Jason Spicer

    I was just shifting into second gear when I hit the ice, so I wasn't going too fast. Freaked me right out, I can tell you. I was about a half block from home, so I just walked it back. Minimal damage to me and the bike.
  • Jason Spicer

    Hey, congrats on the publication. At least you made a mark in the world. Bike transit gloria, if I remember my Latin.
  • monon shuvo

    Thanks Teach for the friendship. I'm honored. I'm a newcomer in the atheist world.I understood it is the world of reality,beauty,truth and love.I wish everyone in the world would realize truth.
  • Alona Naga

    the artist on my page is named greydon square it is not my music