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  • Audrey

    Fancy seeing you here. :3
  • Audrey

    Of course, but I wanted to be sure the site was legit before signing up. What with all the rumors flying around about right after it launched. I'm glad that turned out to be false. This place is really nifty and makes it very easy to network with others atheists.
  • George Kane

    I received your request to be your "friend". I don't know what this entails, but I will happily accept, but don't know how. When I came to this page from the e-mail link, there was an accept/reject option box for me at the top of the page. I clicked "Accept", and it turned into "You have no waiting friend requests."
  • August Berkshire

    Thanks for the welcome. Love your photo!
  • Hessenroots

    Thanks for the add ^-^

    I was reading your blog a few days ago, what a strange coincidence...
  • DaVinci

  • Michaela

    Hi Felicia - thanks for the friends request - Guess what - I'm a tea fanatic as well - I've several teapots, and adore both green and black teas lol - love your about me - I was going yes... yes ...yes all through reading your favourites :) How are you? Enjoying it here?