Allyson Homme


Vancouver, WA

United States

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  • Ruth Anthony-Gardner

    Welcome, Allyson! Glad you could join us. :D

    Please consider joining a group to meet people and talk about anything that's on your mind, Hang With Friends. You might also like Young Atheist Women, Geek & Nerd Haven, Women Atheists, Female Atheists, and possibly Feminist Atheists.

    I also recommend Eco-Logical and Climate Concerns, since the climate is changing so drastically.

    After you've searched for topics of interest in "Groups" above and in the "Forums", don't forget to look at recent activity which hides along the right margin of the page all the way at the bottom.

    On a personal note, I've developed an animated gif technique, sort of “pull quote marries slideshow”. Samples are scattered across various groups, but you can find them easily by going to my twitter account. Each tweet has a link (after the description and before the hashtags) to a visually rich example here at Atheist Nexus. If you like them, please follow me




  • Brent Feeney

    Thanks, they are for the most part. Happy Holidays to you!

  • Brent Feeney

    Same here. My 2012 wasn't bad, but could have been a lot better. Hopefully things will finally break right for me this year - keep your fingers crossed!