Gecko, of Richie!

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Rockville, VA

United States

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  • Godless Heathen

    Thanks so much for the welcome!

    Now that I've found the elusive Crockoduck, maybe Kirk Cameron et al. will do us all a favor & just shut up!! might already know this, but Crockoduck can be found at ;-D
  • Ritah Nakuya

    Thanks for the welcome. I totally love it here.
  • Loren Miller

    Hey-hey! Kak passevayetch, Gospodin?
  • cogitoergosum

    Hey, thanks for welcoming me here!
  • Loren Miller

    Actually, it's Russian, something I picked up ages ago:

    Kak passevayetch, Gospodin = How goes it, sir?
  • Jezzy

    Hey! Things are going fairly well, having a few anxiety issues and that sort. I don't think I told you, my brother committed suicide in October, so that kind of knocked me on my ass for a bit. I'm glad to be back though, it's a good community.

    How have you been? :)
  • Cat

    Hey SGecko,

    I am doing Ok, How are you?
    I was looking at your posting about Obama distroying space missions, I think he is wanting it restructured so that more is done for space missions, really how many times do we need to go to the moon?
    I love that our Pres cancelled "national day of prayer" :)
  • Donna Darko

    Yeah, I had some spare time & thought I'd welcome some people. I was very trepidatious when I first joined and was very happy to have one or two people welcome me, so I thought I'd return the favor.
  • Leslee Love

    SGecko!! I'm really sorry to hear about you and your wife!! OH no! That's terrible...I hope you are okay...:(

    Anywho....your profile page looks great!! Loving the music!! I'm here on A/N every now and then....MUST check out the VigSpaceProg group!! Think I'll mosey over there now! Hope you're okay....check in later. :-D
  • Charles E. Field

    Thanks for the welcome. Joining was a matter of survival. It appears there is no sanity in the Bible belt...
  • Pious Bias

    Thank you for the warm welcome!

    Yeah, I was a "strong atheist" for the longest time until I was accused of lacking a bunch of things I actually believe in, like love and transcendent. Those things are equally achievable with out God, so the debate is really over semantics (Ignosticism or "Igtheism").

    As it stands now, I think the term "God" is vague and meaningless :)
  • Heather McIntosh

    Thanks for the friend invite. The atheist dog tag rocks!
  • Ann

    Hey, thanks for the invite. How are you doing? :)
  • Swanjackal

    Thanks for the add. Muse certainly woke my ears up when commenting ! Keep it flowing!
  • SecularHumanBN

    Awesome page!!! Thanks for the friend request. The pics of the guy and the lightning reminds me of the Highlander TV series, of which I was major fan...back in the day. I'll have to come back later, when I have more time, to take a look at the videos. :)
  • Sherry

    Hey, thanks for the welcome!
  • Tabitha Ellaine Smile

    so do you like the new miracles video? :P
  • Ateist Filmler

    Hi. I'm the owner of a blog which publishes movies, videos, documentaries etc. about atheism and evolution. "Ateist Filmler" means "atheist movies" :)
  • Jennifer

    Thanks for the wall update. Its been a good while since my last login, but now I'm back! woo hoo :)
  • Juliet Defarge

    As for moving to the desert, it's all about the price of land! I want to own a chunk so I can have a "belly dance boot camp" and maybe host SCA events.
  • Meryl

    Thanks for the Welcome message! I'm very glad to be here.
  • Rachel Stone

  • Cat

    Hi Seth,
    popping in saying Hello, everything with me is Ok.... "praying" to hit the lotto ;0
    JK about the praying part, unless the amazing tea pot in the sky shows it's self to me. Think crossing my finger's will work? hehe
  • Little Name Atheist

  • richard lee

    You're quite welcome, Seth. And I appreciate the feedback as well. This is an excellent community. As my health improves, I hope to share a little bit of my sojourn through the ecumenical briarpatch. -Lee

  • richard lee

    And thank you for your dedication and unselfish commitment to the preservation of our Country! Semper Fi.

  • Corey

    Thanks, my friend
  • Pangea Girl

    for real? osammy bin laden dead?? wow
  • Pangea Girl

    wow  i heard it first from you buddy!:)

  • Pangea Girl

    OMG!!! Hell Yes!!! yeah!!!!
  • Elyse

    Semper Fi, to be sure.  Though, he's over there in a civilian capacity, thank imaginary friends everywhere.  Here's to hoping he's relatively safe in that capacity in the coming months.

  • Wanda T

    An Opal! I thought it was a gemstone but, ya know, some of those Hubble pics look so awesome, and you can't tell what it is...I thought it might be a galaxy billions of light years away!
  • Pangea Girl

    I added your tunes to my playlist!! dj madsen rocks. he's my fave.

  • Pangea Girl

    thanks for friends! It's always nice having a marine for a friend! HUZAH! :D
  • Azel Praer

    yes eyes wow lol
  • Hazel H.

    Hello there, thanks so much!
  • Joseph P

    Eh, I'm too insane to be pinned down to one universe, anyway.
  • Ally

    Another Trekkie? Indeed I am good sir! How could you tell? the profile pic? ;) Is there a Fans of Roddenberry group on A/N?
  • Azel Praer

    i liked the comment about intuition fully agree
  • Ruth Anthony-Gardner

    Greetings, Gecko! I'd like to invite you to a group where we talk about anything on our minds, Hang With Friends. :D
  • Heather Spoonheim

    Thanks for the add and the kind words on my blog! :D
  • Matt VDB

    "I have questions Matt."

    Fire away my friend ;)
  • Azel Praer

    takes a bow and thank you
  • Azel Praer

    thank you for the kind words and i like the music
  • matt warren

    in ref to my pix of FSM:


    I was having diner and it just made me laugh sooo hard.

    of course there is just as much validity to the FSM as there is to any pack of crap religious bullshit.

     and kind of propagates delusional thinking.

    just watch........100yrs from now there will be a conservative church of the almighty pasta or something likr that with believers that will be just as bad as christers or ahlaists.

    sooooo watch it fsm could be setting us up for the next major pile of bullshit.................or not

  • Bimmerella

    I also like the family guy where god lights a fart during an arm wrestling match, and the universe is "born"......Seth MacFarlane RULES!!!
  • Steph S.

    Hi -- I like your Star Trek background you have on your page.  I love the humanist message that Star Trek has as well.  Nice to meet you. : )
  • Steph S.

    Good Morning to you!

  • Steph S.

    Hi there! I never unfriended you. I remember sending you a friend request a long time ago. It's good that we are friends! Hope you are having a nice day.
  • Little Name Atheist

    I ain't no lady.