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  • tom arcaro

    I am putting together a documentary on "Everyday Atheists" and want to make sure that the Black Freethought voice is heard. I need help is finding someone who is black, lives relatively near Burlington, North Carolina (central part of the state), and is willing to be on camera. I have a document describing the project that could be posted, just let me know. I have sent a "friend" request to you, so you could send response via that route or we could make other arrangements.
  • Daniel W

    Irritation is bad for the blood pressure. I know, when I'm off work, mine drops by 20 points. You are too important to give in to frustration or to get carried away with something that will just cause you more grief. Take some deep breaths, and realize that this too shall pass, and know that sometimes it needs to pass. Take care.
  • Nathan Phillips

    I appreciate your postings. They are always well thought out and are generally informative. Anyone who has gone to Atheist Nation's chat can see how communication can breakdown without postings such as you provide.