• Cary Part 5 Chicken stock

    Finding foods that Cary likes that can be cooked to a mushy stage and put through a blender and seived has been harder to find than I thought it would be. Yesterday, I had success. I made chicken stock using a big package of *chicken wings, simmered it until it was reduced by half, used that stock…

    By Joan Denoo


    Purpose no. 1.Most common purpose of prayer is to ask God to do things – fulfill requests, grant favours, and generally use his supernatural powers to act on behalf of the petitioner.Disputation.Simple logic shows that any prayer that asks God for anything is pointless. Is prayer going to bring to…

    By V.N.K.Kumar

  • Cary Part 4 Diagnosis confirmed

    Another batch of tests today, more scheduled, and the diagnosis made. Various people conducting the treatment plan will do all they can to make him comfortable. Cancer starts in his esophagus, moved into the lymph glands and lungs. Surgery is out. It has not been decided yet if he will have chemo…

    By Joan Denoo

  • Cary Part 3 Foods To Nourish Cary Team

    Menus for easy swallowing is a new challenge and one I am not well equipped from experience to meet. The reality is, I explore options and need some brainstorming partners. Remember when I had cancer, and so many of you were on my Cancer Team, encouraging, advising, teaching me how to proceed? Now…

    By Joan Denoo

  • Cary Part 2

    I followed Cary around. First I worked at the boys' ranches after his release. The Community Colleges needed someone to teach at the prison, which I did after Cary left; I taught Life Skills to men who had been in prison for long periods and were about to return to the public life. They had to…

    By Joan Denoo

  • Cary Part 1

    Cary, my son who was a real handful from the moment we picked him up from Deaconess Hospital in Spokane when the nurses put me in a wheelchair with Cary in my arms, and we went to the door. The nurse said all babies ride in the arms of their adopted mothers so no one can know the baby is adopted.…

    By Joan Denoo


    TIED MY ASS—I'm a day late and a dollar short in publishing this, because I wrote it over two months ago, which is a long time in political hogwash.…

    By Donald R Barbera

  • Odd observations

    Google advertising has policies against "advertiser unfriendly" video's on YouTube, allowing them to pull ads from video's. While most video's seem to have a single ad, and many youtubers that focus on topics like Atheism, LGTB, and basic news and information have ads pulled from perfectly…

    By BenGee

  • The 10 biological imperatives of life, including Homo sapiens

    The 10 biological imperatives of life, including Homo sapiens 1/ Oxygen (air). The element oxygen is imperative for almost all life on Earth. Our atmosphere is 21% oxygen with the rest made up almost entirely of nitrogen along with other gases at pretty much trace levels. Oxygen is the element in…

    By Martin A. Moe, Jr

  • 7 Words that can change the world

    Hi there - I run an online learning website and a speaker has been making the secular circuit in my neck of the woods talking about a reality based approach to life.I asked him to create an online program - and this is what he came up with - …

    By Jennifer Hancock