• کلمه کافر در اسلام The word infidels in Islam

    The word infidels in Islam«Infidels» by Allah in the Quran is the word that has been attributed to non-Muslims.Islam is now close to 100 sects.And every MuslimEach party knows its true Muslims and others as infidels.This means that by the word of God among the people because of a fire that has…

    By Kambiz Nadri

  • My Philosophy Blog at Partially Examined Life

    In recent months I became a PEL contributor and have written pieces on Epicurus' Four Cures, Lucian's comedic genius and other subjects.Please visit and share my posts at Partially Examined Life!…

    By Hiram

  • Futureworld and the Meaning of Life

    Here's an excerpt from Mirror Reversal that supports Ruth's "Future generations" comment of Sept. 20. I think it's very beautiful and poignant, but I guess that doesn't count. I wrote it.We shouldn't say atheists don't believe in the afterlife. All the nonsense about St. Peter and the Pearly Gates,…

    By Richard Goscicki

  • Do Not Pass Go

    Who the fuck wants a virgin anyway, much less 72 of them? When it comes to fucking, a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.…

    By Donald R Barbera

  • On the rhetoric of The Donald and the stupidest thing he’s ever said – so far

    “It is terrible to speak well and be wrong.”- Sophocles “Here comes the orator, with his flood of words and his drop of reason.”- Ben Franklin Preface: On the surrealness of the Trump candidacyThe Trump candidacy is giving me a creepy reality-warping experience.  Some portion of my brain, the…

    By Alan Perlman

  • Jehova Told Me To Act -- When Religious Shepherds Fail Their Flocks

    Jehovah spoke to me, told me to act. Vester Flanagan.America, we have to stop the double standard being applied to Christianity.…

    By Bluegrass Skeptic

  • Ask Not What the Alibi Buddy Says About You!

    Ask Not What Your Alibi-Buddy says About You?We’ve all heard about the alibi buddy. He’s that gay guy whose best friends with the man telling you he’s against gay rights. He’s also the…

    By Dan Wall

  • Does anyone know the source of this quote?

    I found this quote on a discussion thread. Does anybody know the source?"Religion, of course, does make some men better, and perhaps even many men. There can be no doubt of it. But making them better by filling their poor heads with grotesque nonsense is an irrational and wasteful process, and the…

    By John B Hodges

  • The Beauty of Atheism and Emotional Liberty

    As a recent series of events have led me to open my mind to the concept of no god. Something amazing yet very strange feeling happened inside of me. My entire life I have found beauty and joy in "Gods Creations" but something was holding me back, and I didn't know what? My feelings of wonder could…

    By Truth Is Relative

  • Start with the Question

    A popular question in this little town is "Do you believe in God?"  (Might be interesting to research how and why the question became so popular in this little Mississippi town....might be interesting to contrast the history of heinous violence and injustice that have figured so prominently in the…

    By Alex Mercedes