• Word Rant

    With gracious permission from Glen, I have decided to make one of our chat exchanges into a blog post. I love Glen's rhyme's he is a true artist. I made a few minor tweaks for formatting but the content is identical to its original format.Glen Rosenbergdo you say da bad words? I don't but do you? I…

    By BenGee

  • Since I went there I might as well finish.

    I mentioned an idea I've had for a very long time. I call it Atheist house,And yes its directly making fun of the christian "houses" where children are sent to to be abused for god. As a child I was often threatened with being sent to places similar to "Grace House" from the movie "Saved!" or those…

    By BenGee

  • A (hopefully) brief auto biography of a hiding Atheist.

    I hope I can fit this into one blog post, I have the motivation to try and don't know if I'll have the energy to continue if I don't finish tonight. (just thinking about doing this has me shaking a bit lol so much drama!), I'm going to try and tell the story without emotional bias and attempt to…

    By BenGee

  • On Being Anti-Religion

    Here is the link to the blog post

    By Edward Teach

  • Babbling For Jesus  I don't have the ability to speak in tongues but if I were to write this blog using the "language" of tongues, it would probably look something like this; Bals ahdt ysifghte k thorus moo…

    By JustinTetro

  • Good Without an Apology

    Atheists can’t provide a sound basis for their morality.…it’s the kinder gentler version of “atheists can’t be moral,” which is a common theme among Christian apologists. To be sure, some folks go back and forth between the two messages, but at least some apologists do seem to keep a clear…

    By Dan Wall


       Friends, I have heard a strong rumor that they have found god. He is the prime mover that created everything and that also includes us. His name is Gotchanow and he admits he was the first cause. There are some strange things here, however.   * We are born, we live, and we die.   * Absolutely…

    By Michael Penn

  • Atheism and Social Justice

    There seems to have been a lot of jabber in parts of the atheist community these days about SJWs, also known as Social Justice Warriors, and the supposedly negative impact these people have had on the atheist movement. Argument about this business has gone up and down the internet, from YouTube to…

    By Loren Miller

  • On Being a Free Bird

    Sreeni: Prof. Kumar, one of my religious friends asked me about the real benefit of an Atheistic & Secular outlook. All I could think of and say was this: “The journey toward Atheism is a quest for the truth, truth which can be empirically tested and for which you can gather evidence, however…

    By V.N.K.Kumar

  • Forgiveness.

    Last week, a former coworker sent me a text that one of my colleagues had died at a young age.  It wasn't a complete surprise, as I had heard rumers of a rare, incurable, and rapidly progressing cancer.This knowledge led me to ponder my relationship with the departed.  I had worked with her for…

    By Daniel Wachenheim