• Finally, legislative protection for men's heath too.

    New Texas bill takes aim at men's masturbation habitsHouston's Jessica Farrar files "men's health" legislation[Houston Chronicle]HOUSTON — Texas State Rep.…

    By Bertold Brautigan

  • Bittersweet Incongruity

     Greeting, all. The following is a short vignette about life as an atheist in Muslim countries. Enjoy!** A few months ago, I decided, against my better judgement, to date a girl whose mentality was my polar opposite. I was a secular, westernized, freedom-loving hedonist, and she a pious Lebanese…

    By Fateh Sakkal

  • gop's healthcare

    By Thomas Bear

  • Hiding From the Truth

    I am getting terribly frustrated lately with a certain experience, and the more I think on it, the more I believe it to be a common one among Americans and maybe the world in general. The experience I refer to is in trying to express myself to a religious person and having that person cut off the…

    By Milo Coots

  • The case for the existence of hell.

    Let me start off by saying this simply an idea I have from time to time, I consider it a fun existential mental game. It's likely reasons like this most of my friends think I'm macabre and dark lol. This is not reflective of reality nor is it the sum total of my position or outlook on life or the…

    By BenGee

  • A water bottle that fills itself! It's SCIENCE! duh

    Ok so click bate title I know, and no there's not a water bottle that fills itself. Why? Well that inconvenient thing called math, and observable, measurable science.And here in lies the problem. So many people fund idiotic ideas like this because they think you "don't need math" to deny cosmology,…

    By BenGee

  • Dreaming of a Godless future

    One reason I don't believe in God is intellectual. I am not at all convinced by the arguments given for God's existence by the Theistic philosophers, neither the cosmological argument & the design argument nor the 32 other specious arguments favouring God’s existence, which to a person not…

    By V.N.K.Kumar

  • Shackles

    Sadly, most people are Sheeple. Even some of those who claim to be freethinkers are being manipulated without their awareness thereof. Blindly following programmed lives, conditioned from birth, just as their parents were, for generations, to be worker-consumers. Nothing more, nothing less, just…

    By Thomas Bear

  • The World Is Not Safe

    I was teased as a kid.  Some days were better than others and some others weren’t so great, but the fact is that from the time I entered first grade through high school graduation, there was something in me which drew the jibes, catcalls and slanders from my fellow students.  Somehow I was…

    By Loren Miller

  • Atheists, AA and the Human Rights Code in Canada has been called "a religion in denial." AA goes out of our way to explain, "We are spiritual, not religious."First, for many secular AA's the word…

    By Joe C