• In the Wake of the RNC

    So … the Republican race for the presidency started out as a clown car with all of 16 occupants something over a year ago. At that time, no one (with the possible exception of Ann Coulter) thought that the head clown, the one who has spent a significant amount of his career in the entertainment…

    By Loren Miller

  • Powered by Jesus. The 10 Commandments are NOT multiple choice.

    Today I was driving home, and was cut off in traffic by a woman driving a big white Oldsmobile Intrigue sedan.  I knew it was an Intrigue because it had a label stating that.  I had to look it up at home to find out, it was an Oldsmobile.I could have forced the issue.  I had right of way.  If I had…

    By Daniel W


    THE TALKTraditions pass along through family lines and are thought to bring unity and civilization in what can be a confusing world. During this…

    By Donald R Barbera

  • Dear Jesus

    Dear Jesus,When are you coming back for your sequel? Part one was really good! You know what they say: Sequels suck! The truth is, they usually do. But of course they would suck, without "Jesus Christ Superstar". Can you tell me at least some of the plot? I can hardly wait for the End of Days…

    By James


    TIED MY ASS—Im a day late and a dollar short in publishing this, because I wrote it over two months ago, which is a long time in political hogwash.…

    By Donald R Barbera

  • Pray The Guilt Away During a recent session of drunken introspection, I realised that although I considered myself happy in life and love, I was not doing nearly enough grovelling and pleading to imaginary beings. This…

    By JustinTetro

  • Proselytizing

    The time is long overdue for active advocating just like religions do.  In the mean time and with all due respect, I don't trust a preacher turned atheist.  You are probably covering and spying for the Judeo-christian lobby.  Prove me wrong. wp

    By William H. Plaisant

  • Cyrenaic Philosophy Blogs

    The first blog in a series that will delve into Cyrenaic philosophy is live on The Autarkist. The series will last approximately two months and discuss…

    By Hiram

  • If I could pick & choose my Religion

    I have been studying Comparative Religion for some time now. There are 4200+ 'LIVE' religions on planet earth today according to the anthropologists.They can't all be true, so how do I determine which one to believe in?I've been told my "eternal soul" might be at stake and I don't want to bet on…

    By V.N.K.Kumar

  • To the anti-carbons

    This is harsh. I'm saying it because it really seems people don't realize.Easy for you to say, "stop coal" while you enjoy your coal electricity, your coal vegetables, your coal appliances, the coal in your walls, curtains, clothing, pet food, dishes, flooring, automobile, roads, ink, paper,…

    By Čenek Sekavec