• Jerry Brown – Fear of the Lord or the Here and Now?

    On Sunday, 10 December, 2017, CBS News 60 Minutes interviewed California governor Jerry Brown.  This interview, while dealing with multiple subjects, led off with Brown’s strong disagreement…

    By Loren Miller

  • On Truth

    I've been gone for a while searching for experiences to enlighten myself in search of answers. My wife and I went to Jerusalem, Eygpt, and Tunisia. Talking with the people was exciting and at the same time sad. We have it so good in the United States.…

    By Donald R Barbera

  • Republicans Hate Social Security and Medicare

    If there’s one person out there who didn’t get the memo over 10 years ago that privatizing medicare and social security was high on the republican agenda, I’d like to have them tested for dementia.The repubs have never made a secret of this.Ultimately, what they want is to gut the two, gamble with…

    By Teresa Roberts

  • Life In Spite Of Everything

    As I awoke this morning, my first thoughts were of the Republican budget which was passed last night and our country's powerful plutocracy. If there has ever been a true representation by the people, which is highly questionable, we certainly have no voice any longer. I must admit that I felt…

    By Teresa Roberts

  • Off With Their Heads!

    Have we merely become a wealthier version of the banana republics we use to laugh about?Typically, a banana republic consists of social classes that include a huge but poor working class and a smaller ruling-class plutocracy, composed of the business, political and military elites.Christopher…

    By Teresa Roberts

  • Fundamentalism by Proxy and the Guilting of the Godly

    Fundamentalism by Proxy and the Guilting of the GodlyA general suspicion of religion comes to mind easily enough. Hell, even religious people frequently exhibit this suspicion (tempered as it is with whatever thoughts they’ve assembled into their own beliefs). There is something about the whole…

    By Dan Wall

  • The steps a person needs to take to be Religious

    1. First, choose your parents. At least one of them should be religious. If you say it is impossible to choose parents, then wish for dame luck to favour you with religious parents.You should also love your parents and be obedient to them. It now becomes easy to believe in gods, because you love…

    By V.N.K.Kumar

  • Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

    In the delivery of voice communications and multimedia sessions, various technologies are utilized. Under this case, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is one of the common technologies that are utilized in the execution of this particular task. The technology operates on a basic principle of…

    By Liam Jonson

  • Sexual Rules in the Power Game

    Why are there so many cases of sexual misconduct? What is causing this surge of revelations? Why is everyone so shocked and surprised?Those were always the rules to the game.You knew it. I knew it. Our parents knew it. The presidents down through the ages knew it. The preachers and priests knew it.…

    By Teresa Roberts

  • The Future of the world is in our hands

    Sreeni: Prof. Kumar, What could be the mission of Atheism & Secular Humanism?Me: Well, if Atheism is the first step taken by someone, Secular Humanism is the 1000 steps thereafter that one has to take. Atheism has no mission besides declaring one’s non-belief in celestial beings. But Secular…

    By V.N.K.Kumar