• Me + weed

    I was a bad student. I didn't really learn how to read until I was 8 and was defensive that I was stupid. I was hyper, had crazy add and didn't act right It continued pretty much until high school I was drinking and did not give a fuck.When I first cupple of times tried weed I didn't get high. I…

    By Gwen

  • The counter intuitive nature of the universe

    First I would like to note that I'm still working on Part 2 of what is science, since a strong understanding of what is evidence, and how one weighs various forms of evidence, and separates evidence from falsehoods is so important I am taking my time with it to ensure I get the best quality and…

    By BenGee

  • "Damn universe; it's not obeying my math!" And then a segue to power.

    Those seven quoted words, together with America's religiosity during the 1920s, explain the battle between two models of the universe, the gravitational (Big Bang, or BB) model and the electric universe (EU) model. Be advised that knowing the stuff before the segue will not help you pay the rent…

    By tom sarbeck

  • An amazing overview of my favorite show of all time.

    Cowboy Bebop,A Japanese animation with 24 episodes and 1 movie, that I first saw as a kid. It quickly became immortalized within my heart upon viewing the final frame of the final episode. In the moment of the "protagonists" death a message is left for the viewer.  Against a black screen in white…

    By BenGee

  • Is gravity weaker than magnetism (or electromagnetism)

    So, fun little experiment. Take an electromagnet and a piece of metal (or even just a regular magnet and some metal), place them close together and watch the metal "stick" to the magnet. You can have some fun making the metal move, and even suspend the metal in air. HOLY SHIT YOU JUST DEFEATED…

    By BenGee

  • I've been waylaid with a pressing question that needs answers.

    I was watching a video and again confronted with something that has bothered me for years. So I wrote the maker of the video in the hopes they might have an answer. I'll leave the letter here as well, maybe someone can finally answer my question.Hello, I recently watched your video "Countering the…

    By BenGee

  • Purpose

    I mentioned in one of my comments exactly where I think I may be heading with my little corner of the blogosphere.I've been thinking of continuing to make material, refine my work through the encouragement and feedback from all of you, and then releasing my work to a wider audience. You may wonder…

    By BenGee

  • Thoughts on the book, "A beginners guide to our Electric Universe" By Tom Findlay (Part 1) Revised (cleaner)

    After consulting with John Elder I decided to post this on my blog, it’s a more polished version of my debunk of EU. I intend to debunk the entire book, however I plan on only releasing these in chunks and well-spaced out as I do not want my personal blog to be centered around this one book of…

    By BenGee

  • What is Science? (Can Science be a religion) Part 1

    I wasn't feeling up to tackling this all in one go, so here's the first half, I'll try and finish the rest tomorrow.You know I talk a lot about pseudoscience, and why many pseudo-scientific belief systems are clearly bullshit. But to quote so many people I've talked to "How do you know?" I mean,…

    By BenGee

  • "Mistakes" in science

    So many science deniers, pseudo science advocates, and religious apologists try to claim that Science has "made mistakes" They imply that since science isn't always right, so all of it is subject to suspicion, and their hypothesis is clearly correct because its easier to understand.Statements like,…

    By BenGee