• I call out a Preacher on his lies!

      Howdy! I had an exchange with Preacher Matt Powell and asked him to back up his claims about conversations he claims to have had with atheist. He promply tried to cover up his lies. This is my new video about the exchange. Was I too harsh on him? How would you have handled it?…

    By Compelledunbeliever

  • Did Human Morality Come from God or from Evolution?

    Public prejudice toward atheists is still high, not only in the United States but in most of the countries in the world. Around half of Americans would refuse to vote for an atheist for public office, according to recent polls. Polls also show that the rejection of atheists is mainly due to the…

    By Homer Edward Price

  • Redesign Block Feature On Social Media

    I would like to propose that the block feature be redesigned. If someone clicks on the block feature when trying to block someone on a public page, they need to go to a form that will collect relevant information and screen shots that will ONLY be seen by an elected committee of peers (Or hired…

    By Cane Kostovski

  • Facing the end

    I had not meant to post again so soon, but circumstances compelled me.  I'm writing partly in response to Joan Denoo's hopeful response that we atheists can do better in creating a world free of religious fantasy and conflict.Maybe religion will retreat only so far and under certain conditions.…

    By Alan Perlman

  • So, What If…?

    It’s finally happened.  The smoking gun has been discovered in unique, utterly new evidence, the data has been verified, all the tests confirm it … THERE IS A GOD.  Now what?  For me, beyond a shrug and a bit of bemusement, little or no change. Oh, but aren’t you excited or thrilled?  You see, we…

    By Loren Miller

  • Is it OK to Use Cannabis? A Parent's Guide

    With recreational marijuana legalized in nine states and medical marijuana legal in more states than not, the subject of whether or not to use it as a parent or how to talk about it with your children may have come…

    By Sophia Mooreus

  • National Day of Shame

    All your Western theologies, the whole mythology of them, are based on the concept of God as a senile delinquent.”Tennessee Williams Hey, it’s National Day of Prayer!  What are you atheists doing as your superstitious fellow-countrymen, led by a hypocrite who exemplifies their values in no way…

    By Alan Perlman

  • Just made my first atheist video for YouTube! THANKS TO YOU!

       When I first came out as an atheist I came to A/N and met a great community. I used the moniker compelledunbeliever because I was afraid to let anyone know that I was an atheist. After interacting with this community I became more confident and began to mention that I was an atheist in my…

    By Compelledunbeliever

  • My quote about god

    Love requires the existence of a material partnership base on communication, among other important factors. The fact the god does not communicate back in an easily recognizable way proves of it's non-existence. Being in love with god would be like being in love with a fictional character. That…

    By Douglas Monka

  • Hopeful

    I ma hopeful to get to know some of you. Become on-line friends. Talk politics, religion, and philosophy. These are things one are not suppose to speak about, but during the age of Trump I don't know how you can avoid it. I am 55 years old, and skeptical since I was nine years old. I got a slap on…

    By Douglas Monka