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Comment by AtheistsAreUs on November 11, 2009 at 10:59pm
A doggie play date sounds wonderful! Sammy is very social and would love to play with another dog! He is very gentle with small dogs and puppies, but loves to run and tackle play with bigger dogs! My sister has a small(ish) geoden retriever that he gets along great with. He is moderatly well behaved (except when squirrels are around), and responds really well with treats.

My son is seven, so not terribly young, but still young enough I do not leave him alone. He adores his older (11 Years old) cousin and they often ask to come/go over to play together, so I can get away occasionally, but frankly I spend as much time as I can with him. I adore every freckle on his face. :)

I don't know if you are free this weekend to meet and exchange furry canine greetings, but I am! Want to meet half way between Mishawaka and Elkhart?
Comment by AtheistsAreUs on November 11, 2009 at 9:50pm
Jean Marie: I'd love to come to the next meet-up. I noted last I looked (admittedly a few days ago) that there was no current schedule for a meet-up. I am a single mom, with sole custody of an underage child, and unless I have a sitter (or the place we meet is kid friendly - not ideal for real conversations), that might be only occasionally. I occasionally met peoople in seattle, but seattle is a lot less "religious" than Indiana. I still cannot get over the blue-laws still on the boards regarding purchasing alchohol on Sundays.
I don't think the Prosecutors office has the money for full time staff. I noticed when looking for work last year that a lot of positions in the legal field are part time. Hard to raise a child on part-time income, and the benefits suck if they exist at all for part time work, so I am focusing on a new industry!
Sammy is a sweet heart! Despite his looks (big mean looking men cross the street when they see us coming), he is more likely to drool all over you than bite! He still tries to crawl into my lap, and sneaks up onto the bed when my son or I fall asleep. Maybe we can get together for a doggie play date sometime?
Comment by AtheistsAreUs on November 11, 2009 at 9:25pm
Hi Jean Marie! Yes, I'm a Hoosier now! I moved here from Seattle about a year ago.
This fuzzy fellow is Sam-I-Am (named by my then six-year old son). He is half Lab (his mom is a black lab named Cola with AKA paperwork, etc, and a mutt dad which we believe is a combination of Mastiff, Shephard and Chow (and maybe a few things we don't know about). He had two other siblings with brindle coloring, and three black and two white siblings. He is all lab in nature, perhaps slightly more mellow, but all the goof-ball tendancies a typical lab has. :)

I too believe in dog! lol! I have a T-Shirt that says that too. I call Sam my Dogma.

I see you live in Elkhart, so we are nieghbors! I interviewed with the Elkhart Prosecutor's office (Victim Advocasy) a year or so ago, but decided against the position, as it was not full time and paid less than half of what I had been making. Now I work in South Bend, and am considering buying a home/land in Mishawaka. Hopefully I'll meet you one of these days at a meet-up? I see you are involved in both Indiaina Atheists and Michiana Skeptics. :) Awesome FSM costume by the way! - Barbara (a.k.a. AtheistsAreUs)
Comment by AtheistsAreUs on November 6, 2009 at 9:43pm
My Dogma



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