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Comment by Grinning Cat on January 7, 2014 at 3:34pm

The new Tea Party anthem: I Want My Country Back (David Ippolito)

"There was a time this nation was pure,
And our values secure,
Love of country possessed us.
There was a time we all could be sure
The status quo would endure,
God in heaven had blessed us.
There was a time, and it all went... wrong.

There was a time of brighter day,
A time that the Tea Party embraces,
When hardly anyone was gay,
Hispanics, blacks and women knew their places.
We'd turn on the TV news each night
And any channel we selected,
All of the anchormen were white
Just like the men that we elected.

   Then progressives came along
   And their vision made me queasy
   Saying things that don't belong
   In my perfect USA...

   They said that everyone should have a voice.
   They said that voting should be easy.
   They said that women deserve a choice.
   Hell, they'd even give them equal pay.

They shook my moral higher ground,
Now gay weddings are an everyday occurrence.
They turned my Christian nation upside down,
And now they want to give the poor insurance.

I never dreamed I'd live to see
A Muslim in the fuckin' White House
Oh, did I mention that he's black?
Now I just want my country back."

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