Garden 2012

An exceptionally lovely spring.

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Comment by Joan Denoo on April 25, 2012 at 8:26pm

April 24, 2012, first breakfast in my garden this year. Green popping up all over the place. Tulips still in tight bud but they will be very large blossoms. Raspberries hold great promise with their fresh green shoots. Strawberries perk up with fresh green leaves coming though last year's brown crowns, and lots of runners. A skunk moved in under my tool shed and she tosses the moth balls back out in defiance of our desire to have her move on. Birds building nests look so overloaded with their beaks full of dead grasses and building materials; I think more song sparrows arrived than usual because their songs echo back and forth from one side of my plot to the other. Squirrels flash everywhere, chasing, chattering, and barking. My little mouse family in the compost seems to have made it safely through the winter, although the neighborhood cats come over daily to sit at their doorway. My little 50' x 100' patch of garden seems very happy ... they must like my yearly spread of steer manure and the soil feels perfect for seeding. We had two record breaking hot days this week; I anticipate a hot, dry summer. 

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