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Comment by Joan Denoo on May 19, 2013 at 5:32pm

Belgian Denoo's + Congo.

I am trying to find a common ancestor because Belgian Denoo's went to Congo during that horrid time of King Leopold II. I talked to several Denoo's when I was in Belgium and they bragged about the ways Belgians treated the Congolese and I was so appalled, I could not believe any human being would treat others the way they bragged. It is further evidence of the use of religion to justify carrying out torture and murder and exploitation of others for their work and wealth, especially whites against Native North and South Americans, Africans, and Asians and countless others. 
It explained a lot to me because my father was a brute to my mother and I grew up thinking that was normal. When I called police to help my mother as a ten year old, the police laughed at her and told her if she would shut up she wouldn't be beaten the way she was. When I went to our Methodist minister he told me my mother should not rile my father to wrath. When I went to my Presbyterian minister years later he told me being beaten by my husband means, of all women, I was most blessed, I was living in imitation of the crucified christ and to rejoice in my crucifixion. It was not until I was 37 years old I refused to accept the lies and packed up my three ten-year old kids and fled 2,000 miles on June 17, 1974, our 18th wedding anniversary. All the way, I damned god and Jesus and began a very interesting investigation into the meaning of life, why I was born, what is the purpose of life, will I really go to hell and burn throughout all eternity?
Long story short, life has no meaning, I was born by the fact of ovum selecting a sperm, there is no purpose in life other than what we make it, I will return to atoms and return to the stuff of stars. Now, there is a story worth telling. No lies. No delusions. Just the facts of nature and I am fine. In fact, I am perfectly imperfect, just as every other creature and element on the planet Earth.


Black Death in the Congo (King Leopold II of Belgium) - YouTube.flv

king leopold ii and the belgian congo genocide

Enforcing the Faith – Missionaries or Murderers?

Sentient Biped wrote a wonderful survey of King Leopold II and I tried unsuccessfully to find it. I will keep looking and when I find it, I will post.


Comment by Joan Denoo on May 16, 2013 at 12:27am

I am very proud to have the same last name as these fine people I met on Facebook. I do hope we find a common ancestor and I can know my cousins. 

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