Tunisian Women Stage Topless Jihad

First performed in 411 BCE, Lysistrata tells the ancient story of the battle between men and women and reveals that disgusting fact that little has changed in the last 2400 years+. Women refute the right of men to have domiion over women. Lysistrata proposed the women needed to withhold sexual privileges from their husbands and lovers until they promise to stop warring.

Lysistrata faced the same challenges women face today, the resistance of some women to leave traditional submissive behaviors behind, others fear to stand up for their rights and freedoms,

Some men perceive themselves as being given the right of dominion over all things and hold views of fear, masked as hatred and loathing of women.

The misogynistic views of society,
based upon myths and legend from Bronze Age tribal sheep herders rule their present lives as if they were laws passed down from some higher power.

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