Once upon a time, there were 2 Australian ockers Bill and Jack backpacking in Rome. Whilst looking for somewhere to camp, they became a bit lost. Fortunately, they came across a bloody big opulent building with a staircase coming from it, with a very nice quiet garden. This was an ideal spot. So they unpacked their gear, set up the barbie, then proceeded to look for firewood. Bill was hunting around in the garden, when he looked up, and saw this bloke wearing a long dress type of outfit and a funny looking big hat. The odd looking man approached Jack, who was at the bottom of the stairs, and made a gesture at him, like a crossing motion. then he turned and went back up the stairs. Bill went over to Jack and asked "Was that the Pope?" Jack replied "Yes." Bill said "He crossed you, didn't he?" "Not really." said Jack. He said "You, that cunt over there, that fucking barbeque, OUT!

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