Who me? Delusional? Sees stuff that's not there? NO! Not me. Here's more evidence of the giant intellect it takes to be a religious crank. If you can't see all the shit he's telling you about, then you'd best brush up your powers of observation. Here's what's there in case you don't spot it immediately.

The picture above was sent to us by a man in Australia who snapped this picture from his front door. The picture is of a fire that took place not far from his home. The photo is most interesting and offers food for thought. Just above the roof tops just right of the center of the picture you can see a man standing at attention with full beard and longer curly hair facing left and looking slightly upward. Above this shape are the heads and outlines of bodies of two other men with full beards their features eyes, nose and mouth are very clearly viewed in this picture. Just above the two faces is the head of a large serpent with is body wrapping around as if in a circle. Pretty interesting huh? Again I mention though that this photo was not taken in Medjugorje but in Australia.

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