'Gott Macht Frei 'by David Raphael copyright 2011

This satirical image is a response to commentators such as Christopher Hitchens who have noted that:

"The idea that a group of people — whether defined as a nation or as a religion — could be condemned for all time and without the possibility of an appeal was (and is) essentially a totalitarian one."

My image transforms religion into such a totalitarian regime by associating it with the Third Reich.
The crucifix resembles a swastika and the phrase below, "Gott Macht Frei", is German for "God will set you free". This phrase has been distorted from the original "Arbeit Macht Frei"/"Work will set you free", which infamously adorned the gates at Auschwitz concentration camp.

Please note that I do not in any way condone Nazism, historical or contemporary. The imagery has been employed purely for satirical purposes.

If you distribute this image please do so with this accompanying text.

Copyright David Raphael 2011

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