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Comment by Patrick F on December 3, 2012 at 9:06pm

I believe I have had a very different set of experiences than many on here in regards to "believers".  I have never, not once in my life, had an altercation or overall bad experience with one of these types of people.  For the most part, we, for a lack of a better phrase, agree to disagree.  Perhaps it is the part of the country I live in, I don't know.  I often view them as simply people with a different set of personal beliefs than I have.  The problems I have with some people like this are more in the abstract, as in how much I hate the Westboro people (but have never actually met one).  I know these people exist in my area, but I never have crossed paths with them.

Comment by Loren Miller on December 3, 2012 at 9:02pm

I have to disagree with Carl on this one.  Too often I have run onto people who want to INSIST that THEY are right and WE are WRONG.  They refuse to hear evidence which contradicts their holy book and side with a minority of scientists whose agenda and bias is ridiculously evident.

If someone is genuinely uninformed about science, that's one thing, but to be purposefully ignorant is entirely another, and in this day and age, I find I run onto the latter far more often than the former.



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