According to Michael Cohen and other's testimonies, Trump has been using his position to increase his personal wealth and has continued his other crimes of fraud and money laundering while in office.

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Comment by Tom Sarbeck on March 5, 2019 at 6:25am

Trump and company are educating us. And dammit, it hurts!

If there is a government without a ruling class, it MIGHT NOT be corrupt.

America has always had a ruling class—and with luck (white skin, etc), a lot of work, some bribery for lubrication, and a sufficiently flexible or non-existent morality—people who were not born into that class can enter it.

A non-existent morality helps people stay in that class. If the Electoral College hadn’t made Trump president he would have easily stayed in that class. will his karma do him in?

The GOP has the approximately 34% of Americans who are religious and authoritarian. They obey their leaders, so taking out their leaders will keep them in check.

Comment by Dyslexic's DOG on March 2, 2019 at 6:38pm

I suppose Trump is all GOP has, he was their Trump card.
It is a pity for them that he is a petty criminal who pretends to be wealthy when he isn't.
If it weren't for laundering money and fraud, Trump would be out on the streets begging.

Because it was Deutsche Bank's money laundering branch that allowed Trump to get away without paying the $40 million he owed them, so they put dirty money into his properties which in itself is Money Laundering.



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