Kitchen remodel is done.

After 10 years of planning, procrastination, and life in general, here is the promised kitchen. Cooking is our main at-home activity. We wanted the space, features, energy efficency, and light that this change provides. One surprising, theistic feature of the gas stove - it has a "sabbath function". Who knows what that is.

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Comment by Bertold Brautigan on July 31, 2015 at 12:33pm

Absolutely beautiful, Daniel. A dream kitchen for sure!  I hope you enjoy many years of retired bliss cooking up your garden-to-table gastronomic wonders there!

Comment by Joan Denoo on July 31, 2015 at 11:40am

A kitchen to dream for! The refrigerator has counter space and a water supply, the stove has a good vent and counter space to put hot dishes, a second sink --- Oh! that is a great idea, an island for working and sharing tasks, a beautiful counter top in a refreshing color, and two fine gentlemen-chefs to put it to good use. I hope there are stools for the peninsula to facilitate chatter while the cutting and chopping takes place. 

I want everyone in my kitchen while I am cooking; many people want to cook alone. This looks like a community-friendly kitchen. 

Comment by Ashleigh Carter on November 5, 2011 at 10:45pm

That is one gorgeous kitchen, and now I want one. That one, I think.

Comment by Steph S. on November 5, 2011 at 10:04pm
That's great! You get good deals at those yard sales and estate sales.
Comment by Daniel W on November 5, 2011 at 9:51pm
An unseen "feature" is that I've been going to estate sales and yard sales to find cooking equipment.  Now we use a set of '60s pyrex mixing bowls, stainless steel pots and pans, stainless measuring equipment - all for almost nothing money-wise.  It makes me feel a little like I'm in my parents' kitchen (which was about 1/4 as big as this kitchen, and grimy), and makes the 'comfort food' a comfort to make.  Strange but true.  My rolling pin is a birds-eye maple rolling pin from my grandmother, probably 30 years older than I am.  Some of the kitchen towels are also from the 60s or 70s - cotton lasts a long time.
Comment by Steph S. on November 5, 2011 at 9:21pm


So -- this is the kitchen where all those lovely dishes are made!

Comment by Daniel W on September 12, 2011 at 10:57pm

Thank you!


Anne thanks for the info.  So happy that my stove is friendly to a group of people who would likely have nothing to do with me.

Comment by Steph S. on September 11, 2011 at 1:14pm
Wow - just beautiful!  Those 10 years of planning really paid off.
Comment by annet on September 11, 2011 at 12:21pm

wow!  So shiny.  Very nice job. 

btw: In recent years, however, well-intentioned appliance makers have been installing safety features that automatically shut off ovens after 12 hours. That meant a unit turned on at dusk Friday would be cold before lunch on Saturday. When companies learned this was complicating dinner preparation for some Jews, they supplied an optional override. Thus, a rudimentary "Sabbath mode" was born. [Wired]


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