Ent Credit Union mural panel contribution examines the meaning of "green" (kfreed, 2008)

Inspired by David Quammen's take on environmentalism:

"What do you think environmentalists have to learn from Darwinian evolution?

Quammen: If environmentalists are responsible for leading the fight to preserve species, to stave off the sixth great extinction, to prevent habitats from being chopped up into tiny pieces that can't support viable populations, then they need to understand how evolution functions -- the importance of variation within populations, the amount of time it takes to create biological diversity, the necessity of habitat diversity to create species. Anybody who's arguing with the general public and politicians about things going extinct needs to understand where biological diversity, complexity, and adaptation come from, and how slow the process is, and how many of the things we're doing on this planet prevent further evolution, further speciation, from ever happening."


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