Supernatural Hypocrisy: The Cognitive Dissonance of a God Cosmology (vol. 6, Cosmology of Atheism)

Christians cling to their beliefs, insisting that belief in God and all the dogma that goes with it, brings them something of value unavailable from any other source, even from within.

Any perceived benefit, however, comes from the idea of its presence. Not from the actuality of it. Can we not gain hope and comfort from the many benefits that Science gives us? Can we not be comforted by the knowledge that it continues to give us answers to our riddles? Technologies that continue to make our lives safer and easier? Can we not be awed and inspired by the beauty of the mountains, the oceans, the cosmos around us? These are all naturally occurring things that we, for the most part, understand. We know how they came to be the way they are and we can look at them and know that there is a greater power than us, and it's called NATURE. Is this not humbling enough? Do we then have to subjugate ourselves to Nature as if it were a tyrannous king? Nature requires no worship, no servitude. It requires nothing of us. We are charged with the ability to respect it or not respect it, and that is at once a human challenge, and says nothing of gods or goddesses. Why must we make ourselves slaves in order to find peace and contentment?

More importantly, can we not seek comfort from within ourselves? And failing that, from the other loved ones in our lives? From that beauty of nature? From friendships…From reading the thoughts and encouragements of other thinkers…From watching a favorite program…Taking photographs of the snow-fall…Stroking a cat and feeling it purr under our hands…Tossing a ball and watching our puppy run after it…Helping a child build something wonderful from the items in front of her…touching and being touched….laughter and companionship…?

There is plenty in this life to appreciate and adore, and plenty to make us feel alive and purposeful. Why do we need to throw a magical invisible Being in the mix who threatens us with unimaginable pain and suffering if we don't believe in Him?

Yet, the faithful argue that Science is without mystery and wonder; that Science is cold and calculating and offers no comfort; that not believing in something bigger than yourself is a lackluster, meaningless way to live.

So if wonder and magic are what believers feel they will lose from turning away from religion, one glance at the structure of DNA and its ability to create something from almost nothing, and we are awed. One microscopic photo of cells dividing, viruses multiplying, tissue regenerating and we are amazed. One look at space photographs taken by the Hubble telescope, and our wondrous, "magical," universe is revealed.

But we are not looking at a picture from God's photo album. We're looking at the result of billions of years of natural evolution. We understand, through empirical data, how most of that process took shape. This in no way diminishes its magnificence.
Science has shown us this grandeur, and continues to show us. Knowing that a supernatural being did not create it all, doesn't make it any less fascinating, mesmerizing or wondrous. It engenders excitement in all the many things we will continue to learn; all the problems we will solve with our growing knowledge of how things work, and how we can use this knowledge for the betterment of humankind.

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